AREVA Wind develops, constructs and installs high-efficiency 5 MW wind energy systems specially designed for offshore operation and also commissions them. AREVA Wind also offers installation services as well as short- and longterm service plans to ensure an optimal energy generation capacity at sea.

The next-generation firewalls by gateProtect have been previously successfully used by the mother company of AREVA Wind. AREVA Wind was especially pleased with the easy operation of the eGUI®, the ergonomic graphic user interface which has won many awards. The process-orientated user interface allows for particularly easy management of the entire network configuration. This is visually presented in its totality along with the active services. In addition, the display always only provides exactly the information which the relevant user requires for processing. This does away with the protracted, error-prone input of codes and commands while switching between various screens and views. The network can be really easily set up and managed by using mouse clicks and the drag&drop function. The immediate visual feedback of the eGUI® thus not only increases the effective security of the system, but also saves a lot of time and money.

AREVA Wind currently makes use of ten next-generation UTM firewalls by gateProtect – including the GPO 75, the GPA 250, the GPA 400 and the GPX 800. Two virtual firewall appliances – the VMX 1000 – are being used at sea, while two virtual appliances – the VMA 400 – have been installed in the wind farms on land, linking them to headquarters via SSL VPN. The GPO 75 and the GPA 250 in turn link two locations. In addition, approximately 150 service technicians and developers are linked to each SSL VPN. A solution has also been found for the many constantly changing service workers who only require safe, encoded access on a temporary basis. This simultaneously makes use of monitored certificates for up to 100 clients in parallel.

AREVA Wind would find it difficult to do without the gateProtect firewalls. It is especially the uncomplicated way of working directly with the manufacturer that appealed to this customer. „gateProtect has a very friendly and competent team that offers long-term solutions, even to difficult problems,“ says Martin Burgholte. AREVA Wind will certainly be making use of gateProtect solutions in future. The introduction of a VPN gateway for SSL clients has been planned, for instance, and any additional onshore and offshore wind farms will, of course, be equipped with a gateProtect HA cluster.


  1. Logan Howlett November 1, 2012

    I use GateProtect on all my projects… they are indestructible, no wonder Areva uses them for there wind turbines.


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