aaIf you’re currently considering backup software and have considered some of more popular software solutions, then you may want to look at ArchiveAway backup software. ArchiveAway, a backup software since 2000 has partnered with leading technology provider and cloud storage to produce the best support and backup service available. Built on an appliance technology, the backup platform turns any size company into a powerful enterprise backup capable facility. Protection of Windows is the primary functionality and protection is not only local but in the cloud replicated as well. Within minutes your entire system can be virtualized if the primary server has failed. Products are judged by five questions, and we feel BorderLAN ArchiveAway can supply a resounding YES to each:

  • Simple to install and use?
  • Lightning fast Speed of recovery
  • Entire OS and data recovery functionality instead of just file base?
  • Cloud option replicates and stores everything securely?
  • Is it very affordable?

We invite you to download the case study and contact us for a chat on how BorderLAN can help with ArchiveAway backup appliances. We even have technical support and software only product offerings for well known backup products such as Appassure.

Evaluations and webinar presentations are also available.



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