Archbold Medical Center is comprised of fi ve hospitals and four nursing homes, with more than 800 beds in and around Thomasville, Georgia. In business for over 81 years, it employs more than 2,500 people and has a medical staff of more than 200 qualified specialists.

Martin Slusher is the senior network administrator for Archbold, overseeing 2,500 PCs; 3,100 users and 180 servers across 60 locations.

Until April 2007 Martin’s group was using Symantec Enterprise Edition for antivirus protection. However he was soon on the lookout for a better solution, with a few objectives in mind:

  • Find a more effective antivirus
  • Find a more cost effective solution
  • Resolve the complaints from network users about sluggish computers (most of them had new PCs, so he knew the current AV must be a resource hog)


“I first heard about ESET from a local IT shop who mentioned it to me. I researched it and tested it at home before I brought it up to our CIO and other network administrators.”

Then Martin and his team evaluated other AV companies but decided not to move forward for various reasons, including price, sales people and installation help.

“Ultimately we decided to go with ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition because of its ease of use and heuristics,” said Martin. “It found infections in our environment that had previously gone undetected. We were able to observe all of this with a 90-day trial copy.”


Archbold purchased ESET through a reseller – Classic Networking. “Classic off ers ‘Rip and Replace’ service that removes all versions of Symantec and installs ESET NOD32. This was a huge help considering we have a small IT staff . These guys were great! They helped us create a group policy on Active Directory to run the custom script and then they gave us training on the product.”



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