The Dell AppAssure Agent or also known as the AppAssure Replay Agent or even AppAsssure’s Smart Agents are what is installed on all the machines that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core.

Smart Agents are designed by AppAssure to offer a number of advantages over both legacy agent-based and agentless technologies found on other backup products. SmartAgents use an incremental-forever, changed-blocktracking approach that tracks, captures and transmits the changed blocks from the protected disk volume to the AppAssure core at pre-configured intervals. They are fully application-aware and they lie dormant when not in use. Even when they’re hard at work, the ultra-light SmartAgents tread lightly.

How to install a Dell AppAssure 5 Agent?

You will need to install the AppAssure 5 Agent Installer on every server in your environment that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core. You can download the installer from the AppAssure 5 License Portal at http://license.appassure.com or from the core.

1: Download the AppAssure 5 Agent installer file from the AppAssure 5 License Portal or from the
AppAssure 5 Core. For example:

2: Click Run or Save.

    a: If you click Save, select the location in which to save the file.
    NOTE: You will need to run the installer with local administrator privileges.The file will download to your system. Then, navigate to the location where you saved it, and double-click the file.

    b: If you selected Run, the installer will start automatically.
    NOTE: The installer checks that the .NET Framework 4.0 is installed on your system. If it is missing, the installer will prompt you to download and install the framework.
    The AppAssure 5 Agent Installation wizard appears

3: In the Welcome screen, click Next.
The AppAssure 5 Agent Installation wizard appears.

4: In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then
click Next.
The Prerequisites screen appears. The AppAssure 5 Agent Installer will verify the existence or nonexistence of the prerequisite files.

    a: If the prerequisite files exist, a message will display to indicate that all prerequisites are installed on the machine. Click Next.

    b: If the prerequisites do not exist, the AppAssure 5 Agent Installer will identify which files are needed and will display the results accordingly. For example, Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2008 R2 (x64).

5: Click Install Prerequisites.

6: When the installation of the prerequisite files finishes, click Next.
The Installation Options screen appears.

7: Verify the path and destination folder for the installation. If you need to designate a different path, click Change.

8: Click Allow Agent to automatically send diagnosis and user information to AppAssure Software to send diagnosis and user information to AppAssure. If you prefer not to have this type of information sent, deselect the option.

9: If necessary, in the Port Number text box, modify the port number. The port number is used as a communication channel between agents and the AppAssure 5 Core. The default setting is 8006.
NOTE: If you change the port number, be sure to make note of it in the event that you need to adjust configuration settings for the agent at a later time.

10: Click Next.
The Progress screen appears and includes a status bar that lets you monitor the progress of the installation.
When the installation is complete, the Completed screen appears.

11: Select one of the following, and then click Finish.

    a: Yes, I want to restart my computer now, or

    b No, I will restart my computer later
    NOTE: You will need to re-start your system before using the AppAssure 5 Agent instance.

Requirments: 32-Bit or 64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP,Vista, 7, Server 03/08/08 R2 with 4 GB or Higher of Memory.


  1. Chuck Finn November 1, 2012

    WOW… thanks for the free information and taking the time to create a video for it. Cheers.

  2. Scott Summers November 5, 2012

    Thanks for the “how to”…


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