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Media campus Leipzig, which was opened in 2006, was designed specifically to provide training and professional development in the field of digital media. It makes sound and TV studios and computers available to journalists and media creators for the professional production and editing of multimedia content. As part of the Leipzig Master‘s Programme for Media Studies, the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur) in Leipzig and the Media Foundation of the Leipzig Savings Bank offers three courses at Master‘s level: Web Content Management (web journalism and content management), Crossmedia Publishing (CMP) and New Media Journalism (NMJ). In order to ensure that the courses reflect real practice as much as possible, the teaching staff is drawn from various universities and from the media.

During the construction work on the new media campus, tenders for various IT projects were put out, including a firewall project. The latter was intended to serve the segmentation of the in-house network infrastructure into three areas and their protection from unauthorised or harmful access from outside.

The Solution
A gateProtect GPX 800 Enterprise solution was installed and configured in just half a day. Whilst the employees‘ internal network is sealed off like the IT infrastructure of a bank, the students have unrestricted access to the Internet per WLAN and can send and receive e-mails.In the meantime, the internal network for the building‘s control systems has been safeguarded with the gateProtect UTM solution; technicians such as sound engineers frequently have to access this from outside. „As we have had practically no system problems, I can concentrate fully on the administration itself, even though our company headquarters are around 100 kilometres from the Mediencampus. Around 90% of my work consists of changes to configurations, in order to authorise access to network ports for example, the remainder involves firmware updates.“

„It is not an exaggeration to say that the support offered by gateProtect is unparalleled. The service levels are not merely writing on a piece of paper, which is the case with many other suppliers, but you can rely on the company to keep to them. Working with gateProtect, we have been able to solve every problem within two hours,“ says Heiko Pälecke.



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