The Garden City School district has approximately 600 staff and 5,500 students using 1,300 workstations. Half of the workstations are running a Windows environment, while the other half are Macintosh computers. The district has 13 servers, half of which use NetWare 6.5 and half of which use OS X.

The school district was experiencing problems with students getting into and changing the proxy settings in Internet Explorer. Students were also changing other settings and using Windows Networking to get into other machines in the building that were not secure. Sometimes students were getting into places through right-clicking in certain task bars or menu bars, which was difficult for administrators to control or restrict.

Garden City used Fortres 101 for approximately four to five years as a solution against these problems, but the software was not doing what they needed it to. Students frequently found ways around it or figured out what machines were not secured.

Garden City’s IT staff consists of two full-time and one part-time employees. The three staff were responsible for managing 1,300 computers, and spent a lot of time re-imaging machines to deal with the problems that occurred when students found ways around Fortres 101.

Our Solution
The IT staff at Garden City were already using Deep Freeze from Faronics on several of their labs, and heard about WINSelect through the company. The staff were so impressed with Deep Freeze that they thought another solution from Faronics was a good bet.

Tim Klan, Technology Supervisor at Garden City Schools, downloaded an evaluation copy of WINSelect. After the evaluation period, the IT staff found that they liked WINSelect better than Fortres 101; it was an easier product to use and competitively priced. Because they were already using Deep Freeze, they felt confident in the product’s ability to solve their problems.



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