When you’re protecting the financial assets of millions of Americans, your key currency is trust.

That’s why leading banks and federal regulators, like the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) agencies, choose ZixCorp encrypted email Services to secure their customers’ sensitive financial and personal data.“Having ZixCorp Email Encryption Services in place was a way we could guarantee our customers’ confidential information was protected,” said Barry Birchard, The National Banks of Central Texas’ Information Security Officer. “Before we implemented this solution, we were getting privacy questions from customers all the time. Now they can see right away that our email is encrypted and that makes them feel safer.”

Focus on the Customer – Not Just Compliance

While Zix Corp Email Encryption Services provide compliance with federal and state regulations by automatically securing all non-public personal information (NPPI), they also offer an added bonus – peace of mind.

“Securing the delivery of information to our customers is a very high priority for us, not only from a legal and regulatory point of view but, more importantly, from the peace of mind it gives to all involved,” said Don Smith, STAR Financial Group’s Security Information Officer. “We had been receiving email from customers that contained unencrypted confidential information. Thanks to ZixCorp, when we respond, the data gets encrypted. It demonstrates our commitment to taking that extra step to protect our clients’ privacy.”

Don Morash, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Bank Rhode Island, agrees. “Protecting our clients’ information is our top priority. Regardless of the regulations out there surrounding privacy, it just makes good business sense to do that,” he said.



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