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Business knows that "it's not if but when disaster strikes". BorderLAN helps businesses understand which critical solutions address today's complex threats with early detection and prevention. We represent to customers easily implement and budget friendly solutions for Encryption, network security, Internet Filtering, dataloss prevention and compliance. All too often business spend entire annual budgets on the most expensive brand solutions that cant perform and leaves openings for downtime and breaches. BorderLAN helps integrate and compliment the investments businesses have made with highly effective results. We recommend having a quick 5 minute call with BorderLAN Sales representative to learn how our solutions can help your organization.

Virtualize Your Office

Office Virtualization is designed to create a virtual infrastructure of your data files and the end-user applications in use so the bulk of virtualized computers will not need to load any application or hold any data. The primary purpose of office virtualization is to centralize and simplify your data and your program maintenance, while allowing use of less powerful computers, tablets, iphones, ipads and more to run otherwise impossible executables and data files. Learn More →

Email Encryption For Business

Whether it is customer data, partner data or intellectual property, no industry is exempt from the need to maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive information. In addition, no industry can deny that email continues to be the preferred application driving business communication. Based on these factors, it is no surprise then to see the increase in government regulations calling for the need to encrypt sensitive information in email. Learn More →

Featured Business Solutions


Power Save

Your IT infrastructure has a huge impact on your annual energy bill - not only in terms on wasted electricity by also in terms of its impact on HVAC systems. A dedicated PC power management solution is one of the most inexpensive and impactful ways to reduce your organization's power bill and energy consumption and can deliver a full ROI in as little as six months.
Lower each computers annual energy costs by up to $50:
Learn More about Power Saving


Layered Security

Best in bread Anti-Virus with a low resource footprint.
Learn More about Anti-Virus
Whitelist your applications.
Learn More: Anti-Executable
Eliminate the need for IT professionals to reconfigure, re-image, or troubleshoot computers and reducing support incidents by up to 63%.
Learn More about Deep Freeze


DLP Solution

The data you are striving to protect behind firewalls and passwords is likely still slipping through your fingers.Data leaks can be initiated by either unwitting employees or users with malicious intent who copy proprietary or sensitive information from their PCs to flash memory sticks, smartphones, cameras, PDA’s, DVD/CDROMs, or other convenient forms of portable storage.
Learn More: Data Loss Prevention

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