Security as a service: managed Security from gateProtect leased to start-up companies


The Research and Development Centre (Forschungs- & Entwicklungszentrum) Witten GmbH is a service provider for innovative start-ups with five to fifteen employees. FEZ undertakes its main functions (management consulting, provision of infrastructure and technology transfer) in close collaboration with the University of Witten/Herdecke, with sponsors of business in the region and with partners from other regions. Currently, 57 companies with around 150 employees work in the FEZ.

One of the most important of the services provided by FEZ is making a modern infrastructure available. The basic equipment includes a powerful data network with a 100 Mbit/sec direct connection to the backbone. The data network is managed by an external IT service provider. In order to protect the intellectual property of the tenants, FEZ offers a security service in the form of a firewall to safeguard their corporate networks.

Since the beginning of 2007, FEZ has implemented version 8.0 of the GPX 800 UTM solution from gateProtect, currently licensed for 100 users. The firewall divides the network into 40 subnetworks, using the VLAN functionality that became available with version 8.

The gateProtect firewall has been running reliably and with practically no interruptions since it was launched. The neutrality of the gateProtect solution regarding the hardware and software platforms used behind the firewall should also be highlighted.

With the implementation presenting no problems so far, e-Systems is campaigning at FEZ for the gateProtect appliance to be used as a UTM solution. For example, virus protection on the gateway would be offered to the tenants as an additional service.

On top of that, it is planned to protect a second start-up centre with the implemented gateProtect solution. This is the Zahnbiologische Zentrum (ZBZ), the most modern dental biology institute in Europe, which is under construction opposite FEZ and is almost complete. To allow this, it is merely necessary to increase the number of licensed users on the existing gateProtect appliance because, according to Christoph Weimann, the potential of the GPX 800 is by no means exhausted.

Faronics Anti-Executable and Granite School District


Granite School District, located in Salt Lake County, Utah, operates 60 elementary schools, 16 junior high schools, 9 high schools, as well as other special schools and programs. With 68,075 students, Granite is the second largest district in Utah and is among the largest public school districts in the nation. Granite is also one of Utah’s largest employers, with more than 7,500 full and part-time employees. Granite has also been nationally recognized for teacher professional development programs and the economic efficiencies of its administration.

The Problem They Faced

Scott Watson, an Electronics Teacher in Hunter Senior High School, trains students in a computer lab consisting of 24 workstations that operate as independent computers 90% of the time, and server interfaced network stations for the balance 10%. These dual-core processor systems run Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and are utilized by over 150 students every day.

“We are fortunate in that we have a powerful computer lab,” says Mr. Watson. “We do, however, want to ensure that power is used for educational purposes, and not for classroom distractions such as games, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer file sharing.”

The Solution

“I could not find any other product comparable to Faronics Anti-Executable,” says Mr. Watson. Faronics Anti-Executable has given Granite School District the ability to enforce total compliance in their computer labs. The district’s teachers benefit from distractionfree classroom sessions each and every time, while the district’s IT personnel are guaranteed that the lab computers remain free of unwanted software and compliant with acceptable use policies.

“Faronics Anti-Executable’s white list protection gives us the assurance that only the programs we have installed on the computers are able to run,” says Mr. Watson. “We use Deep Freeze to return our computers back to their original state, but that happens only upon workstation restart. Sometimes a lab computer is kept running for an entire day, so it could potentially accrue a whole day’s worth of ‘software junk’.”

An Rx for Email Encryption


Daughters of Charity Health System chooses Zix Corporation

For more than 150 years, the Daughters of Charity have been unwavering in their mission to treat the sick and the poor in California with compassion, respect and sensitivity.

That mission lives on in the Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS), formed in 2002. With its network of six hospitals and medical centers along the coast of California, DCHS provides its patients with top-notch healthcare.

“As a Catholic organization, we offer holistic, spiritually-centered care,” said Michael Day, DCHS’ Director of Information Technology. “We believe in treating the body, mind and spirit, and we have some of the best physicians and nurses in the state to help us achieve our goal.”

DCHS’ commitment to its patients extends beyond medical treatment. It has also taken steps to ensure all protected health information (PHI) exchanged via email is safeguarded. “The security of PHI is very important,” said Day, “Not only from a regulatory standpoint enforced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act but because our patients and staff need to have that confidence in us.” Not satisfied with the email encryption solution they were using, DCHS switched to ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services.

“With our old solution, we were concerned we were at risk of not properly protecting our patients’ sensitive data or other important business information,” said Day. “It was also a massive challenge to administer the whole process from installation through mailbox management, information tracking and overall maintenance. We needed a more efficient and thorough process.”

Day liked what Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) had to offer because of its ease of use and excellent reputation as the leading email encryption solution for healthcare organizations. “It was simple to set up, fast to deploy and transparent to use,” he said. “It has a better hit rate of encrypting messages than our previous solution. ZixCorp services detect PHI and other sensitive information and ensure messages are secured before delivery.”

Measuring the ROI of Faronics Deep Freeze


Lowering IT costs and providing a solid ROI for IT projects are among the top challenges for IT executives. Gartner reports that a locked-down and well-managed desktop PC can be 42% less expensive to keep than an unmanaged one, and that the salary cost of a help desk employee can be estimated to be between $21.63 and $40.86 per hour.

The average help desk cost per contact is estimated to be $23.09. Faronics lowers these costs. Faronics Deep Freeze reduces IT support costs and help desk requests while increasing computer availability. The hundreds of unsolicited testimonials that Faronics has received over the last 10 years provide a wealth of anecdotal evidence. This survey presents quantifiable proof of the effectiveness of Deep Freeze.

The findings of the survey are clear. Organizations using Deep Freeze experience up to a 63% reduction in the number of support tickets per desktop and support 12% more computers with the same staff compared to organizations not using Deep Freeze.

Organizations must always be conscious of the bottom line, but they must also balance restrictions with productivity. Excessive restrictions reduce personnel efficiency, relaxed policies result in additional costs associated with support. Deep Freeze helps here as well.

Deep Freeze’s patented technology makes computers immune to any software related issues, and assures IT that any changes are only temporary and will have no lasting effects on the protected computers. Users, on the other side, can enjoy a fully functional and unrestricted computing experience for
maximum productivity.

These facts point to the conclusion that Deep Freeze provides organizations with a significant and tangible savings value. Organizations are able to lower their IT support costs while concurrently
gaining efficiency for allocating their IT resources to other priorities.

Children’s Memorial Hospital relies on Zix Corporation to help secure data


Protecting Those Who Need It Most

Kids come first — that’s the motto of the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, one of the nation’s leading pediatric facilities. Illinois’ only freestanding hospital exclusively for kids, Children’s Memorial Hospital is home to more than 1,100 pediatric experts in 70 specialities. It’s the training ground for the prestigious Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University.

Since it first opened its doors in 1882, Children’s Memorial Hospital has provided top quality care to its patients while respecting their privacy. That tradition continues today, and the hospital has carefully put in place security measures to safeguard the personal health information (PHI) of those seeking medical assistance.

“Our patients and their families have put great trust in us,” said Ron Isbell, Information Security Administrator for Children’s Memorial Hospital. “We do everything we can to ensure their PHI remains private.”

Protecting sensitive data a priority

One of the security tools the Children’s Memorial Hospital has implemented is ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services. The hospital’s 7,000 employees can encrypt sensitive data to ensure compliance under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as its own stringent security measures.

Another key reason Isbell chose ZixCorp was that it offered a simple yet powerful email encryption solution that he doesn’t have to manage internally. “I love the fact that it’s a turnkey service and a great one at that,” he said. “The whole process is easy—from installation and implementation to support and service. It’s extremely seamless and very well-managed. We have to do very little—ZixCorp takes care of it all.”

Faronics Deep Freeze and City Inn


Founded in 1995, City Inn is a hotel chain focused on conceiving, designing, building and operating contemporary hotels to the highest engineering standards in prime city center locations through the United Kingdom. At the heart of the City Inn brand are the principles of an uncompromising approach to quality, a commitment to innovation, and a customer first mentality.

The hotel chain believes in providing guests with a contemporary environment to relax, work, or entertain, and continually strives for the latest in IT innovations. They recently set a new industry benchmark with the introduction of iMacs in every room across their six locations in the UK. The iMac is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple. Each iMac provides guests with the choice to watch 38 streamed TV channels plus radio stations, DVD and CDs. It also allows hotel guests to play music via iPod (or MP3 player) and provides free access to the High-Speed internet connection, iTunes, iChat, iPhoto, iMovie , Skype, Neo Office (compatible with MS Office) and iSight, providing one of the most comprehensive in-room entertainment systems currently existing in the market place. Having iMacs in each room eliminates the need for customer laptops since it acts as a standalone computer.

Problem facing City Inn

Hospitality providers like City Inn know their ability to deliver elite service is heavily dependent on the integrity and reliability of their computing technology. Whether it’s deployed in customerfacing, administrative, in-room, or business center environments, guests expect hospitality providers to deliver a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Protecting guest confidentiality is a chief concern for City Inn. Often their clientele includes highprofile guests such as politicians, so security and confidentiality is a necessity. For these guests, the assurance of having a solution that removes any trace of work or files they’ve used is very important.

The Faronics Solution

After researching possible options, Richard Pemberton, Head of Information Technology for City Inn turned to the bulletproof protection of Faronics Deep Freeze, a reboot-to-restore solution that ensures any changes made during a user session—regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious—are erased with each restart.

“Faronics Deep Freeze was recommended strongly by Apple, and since it is hard to find a solution like this for a Mac, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to purchase it,” said Pemberton.

Deep Freeze is now deployed on over 1700 iMacs within the UK hotel chain, with more scheduled in the future. With the imminent openings of the City Inn London and Amsterdam locations, over 3000 City Inn iMacs will soon be protected by Deep Freeze. Read more on Deep Freeze For Macs.

City Inn is just one of over 1,000 hotels benefitting from Faronics Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze helps hospitality providers meet and exceed guest expectations by ensuring a secure and trouble-free computing experience. Guests can count on total system integrity, staff can rely on professional computing availability, and IT personnel are freed from tedious maintenance issues. Deep Freeze is also cross platform and supports most operating systems, including Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.

Banking on Zix Corporation for Secure Email


When you’re protecting the financial assets of millions of Americans, your key currency is trust.

That’s why leading banks and federal regulators, like the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) agencies, choose ZixCorp encrypted email Services to secure their customers’ sensitive financial and personal data.“Having ZixCorp Email Encryption Services in place was a way we could guarantee our customers’ confidential information was protected,” said Barry Birchard, The National Banks of Central Texas’ Information Security Officer. “Before we implemented this solution, we were getting privacy questions from customers all the time. Now they can see right away that our email is encrypted and that makes them feel safer.”

Focus on the Customer – Not Just Compliance

While Zix Corp Email Encryption Services provide compliance with federal and state regulations by automatically securing all non-public personal information (NPPI), they also offer an added bonus – peace of mind.

“Securing the delivery of information to our customers is a very high priority for us, not only from a legal and regulatory point of view but, more importantly, from the peace of mind it gives to all involved,” said Don Smith, STAR Financial Group’s Security Information Officer. “We had been receiving email from customers that contained unencrypted confidential information. Thanks to ZixCorp, when we respond, the data gets encrypted. It demonstrates our commitment to taking that extra step to protect our clients’ privacy.”

Don Morash, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Bank Rhode Island, agrees. “Protecting our clients’ information is our top priority. Regardless of the regulations out there surrounding privacy, it just makes good business sense to do that,” he said.

Chisago County says yes to Zix Corporation for email encryption


Counting on Security

When you’re one of the fastest growing counties in the state – and even in the country – it’s imperative that you promise your residents the best, most reliable and secure processing of their precious information.That’s why Chisago County of Minnesota chose Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) to provide an email encryption solution to safeguard against identity theft.

“We wanted an encrypted email solution that was simple, easy and effective,” said Jon Eckel, Chisago County’s Director of Management of Information and Communications Systems. “That is exactly what we found in the ZixCorp service.”

Chisago County, known for its great natural beauty and recreational opportunities, is one of the top population growth centers in Minnesota and in the top 100 in the United States.

Eckel says the county quickly recognized the need to upgrade its email security in order to protect private data of both its citizens and businesses. With a growing and valid concern about identity theft, it only made sense to implement an email encryption solution that could secure sensitive data.

“Prior to ZixCorp Email Encryption Services, there was absolutely no use of email allowed for anything remotely confidential,” said Eckel. “Now we can exchange information via email easily and securely.”

For Chisago County, the fact that ZixCorp is a top choice for government agencies at all levels was the number one selling point. “Because their email encryption service is so widely used by federal and state government agencies, as well as other counties, it made us feel comfortable that we were doing the right thing by implementing the ZixCorp solution,” said Eckel. “When you’re exchanging email containing highly confidential information, you want to make sure you’re working with a solution you can trust.”

Deep Freeze & Philadelphia FIGHT


Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a non-profit organization designed to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. FIGHT provides primary care, consumer education, advocacy, and research. An important component of FIGHT is the Critical Path Project, which enables low income people of all ages to gain digital literacy and learn how to access essential health information on the Internet. Ensuring all communities have access to the Internet is a key step in FIGHT’s mission to end the AIDS epidemic.

As of 2010, FIGHT’s Critical Path Project has embarked on a mission to create 27 Public Computer Centers with the purpose of providing digital literacy to more than 2900 people in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of North, South, and West Philadelphia. The Critical Path Team is setting up 27 centers to fulfill its overarching objective of providing free and convenient Internet access for everyone. Within each center there are six to twenty machines available for public use. In conjunction with the Freedom Rings Partnership Project, there will be 77 Public Computer Centers built in total resulting in more than 850 workstations available across the city

Managing groups of workstations located across 27 Public Computer Centers distributed throughout the community would be challenging even for a large team of technicians. In this case, Critical Path has only a very small Information Technology staff to manage all of the machines across all these centers, and that includes handling updates, maintenance, software, and fixing machines infected with malware. The volume of support tickets would simply be unmanageable for a team of this size, especially when accounting for travel time to and from each center.

The Solution
For the Critical Path Team, the answer was Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise. To date, FIGHT has installed Deep Freeze on 241 workstations and is currently in the midst of installing on the remaining 51 workstations. In addition, they have also selected Faronics WINSelect Server Edition to offer them advanced control and security features over their public computing environment. Deep Freeze helps to maintain machines in their intended state and virus free, without worrying about users downloading undesired software that would slow processing down and could ultimately reduce the lifespan of their machines. Keeping hard and soft expenses low is a major advantage given that FIGHT is funded primarily through grants and donations.

How To Install a Dell AppAssure Agent


The Dell AppAssure Agent or also known as the AppAssure Replay Agent or even AppAsssure’s Smart Agents are what is installed on all the machines that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core.

Smart Agents are designed by AppAssure to offer a number of advantages over both legacy agent-based and agentless technologies found on other backup products. SmartAgents use an incremental-forever, changed-blocktracking approach that tracks, captures and transmits the changed blocks from the protected disk volume to the AppAssure core at pre-configured intervals. They are fully application-aware and they lie dormant when not in use. Even when they’re hard at work, the ultra-light SmartAgents tread lightly.

How to install a Dell AppAssure 5 Agent?

You will need to install the AppAssure 5 Agent Installer on every server in your environment that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core. You can download the installer from the AppAssure 5 License Portal at http://license.appassure.com or from the core.

1: Download the AppAssure 5 Agent installer file from the AppAssure 5 License Portal or from the
AppAssure 5 Core. For example:

2: Click Run or Save.

    a: If you click Save, select the location in which to save the file.
    NOTE: You will need to run the installer with local administrator privileges.The file will download to your system. Then, navigate to the location where you saved it, and double-click the file.

    b: If you selected Run, the installer will start automatically.
    NOTE: The installer checks that the .NET Framework 4.0 is installed on your system. If it is missing, the installer will prompt you to download and install the framework.
    The AppAssure 5 Agent Installation wizard appears

3: In the Welcome screen, click Next.
The AppAssure 5 Agent Installation wizard appears.

4: In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then
click Next.
The Prerequisites screen appears. The AppAssure 5 Agent Installer will verify the existence or nonexistence of the prerequisite files.

    a: If the prerequisite files exist, a message will display to indicate that all prerequisites are installed on the machine. Click Next.

    b: If the prerequisites do not exist, the AppAssure 5 Agent Installer will identify which files are needed and will display the results accordingly. For example, Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2008 R2 (x64).

5: Click Install Prerequisites.

6: When the installation of the prerequisite files finishes, click Next.
The Installation Options screen appears.

7: Verify the path and destination folder for the installation. If you need to designate a different path, click Change.

8: Click Allow Agent to automatically send diagnosis and user information to AppAssure Software to send diagnosis and user information to AppAssure. If you prefer not to have this type of information sent, deselect the option.

9: If necessary, in the Port Number text box, modify the port number. The port number is used as a communication channel between agents and the AppAssure 5 Core. The default setting is 8006.
NOTE: If you change the port number, be sure to make note of it in the event that you need to adjust configuration settings for the agent at a later time.

10: Click Next.
The Progress screen appears and includes a status bar that lets you monitor the progress of the installation.
When the installation is complete, the Completed screen appears.

11: Select one of the following, and then click Finish.

    a: Yes, I want to restart my computer now, or

    b No, I will restart my computer later
    NOTE: You will need to re-start your system before using the AppAssure 5 Agent instance.

Requirments: 32-Bit or 64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP,Vista, 7, Server 03/08/08 R2 with 4 GB or Higher of Memory.

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