Bring Your Own Device and Email Security


BorderLAN announces availability of mobile applications and solutions for bring your own device (BYOD) challenged organizations. The announcement focuses primarily on securing email on mobile devices.

logo-300BorderLAN Inc., a provider of network security solutions, announced today the availability of a new mobile app for businesses allowing easy access to secure email. With a simple per user pricing model, a user can now utilize email in a secure manner and reduce the exposure of sending and storing confidential information on a mobile phone. Data such as email residing on a mobile device can be detrimental in the event of a theft, loss or hack. In fact mobile device OS’s are just now getting the full attention of the hacking community as they realize the value of the data on the mobile devices.

“The BorderLAN announcement is to ensure our customers know we are diligently partnering and reviewing solutions to ensure data security and compliant technologies.” said Craig Smith, President of BorderLAN Inc., Smith goes on to explain the importance of BYOD – “Mobile computing is projected to be one of the fastest growing market segments in 2013 – 2016. Our preparation for helping customers focus reducing legal liability to corporations for having data like PHI, HIPAA and more on a mobile device, while simultaneously avoiding the liability that would normally come with corporate monitoring of an end user device.”

The app available for email security shows a user simple pin key entry, followed by access to the secure hosted email. In this way nothing is on the device and sending can be entirely secure delivery with a 3rd party encrypted mail service. Smith Continued “According to what we’ve read from Gartner Research in April 2013, 38% of companies plan to stop providing mobile devices entirely to end users by 2016. The primary reason for this elimination of devices is liability. BYOD often takes the place of corporate phones, but are even less secure as they are not monitored or managed. We at BorderLAN feel we can finally have the convenience of mobility while maintaining security.”

BorderLAN Network Security sees a steady increase of the use of mobile devices, both corporate owned and private over the next three years. The ability to secure these mobile devices will empower companies to finally use the mobile technologies for convenience and customer service in a way never before seen.

For more information on Bring Your Own Device For Secure Email – Click Here.

COMPLACENCY – A New Dangerous AV trend


BorderLAN finds most AV (Anti-Virus) solutions lacking in their “what’s behind the curtain” report. Most AV technologies use old signatures and variants making a green-field opportunity for hackers and malicious software.

logo-300BorderLAN Inc., a provider of network security solutions, announced today the release of their “what’s behind the AV curtain” report, which finds the majority of AV solutions stagnate with technology that looks only for the known AV threats. The BorderLAN report tells customers to about the defensive method of many AV technologies employ, which takes known viruses and variants and applies a statistical match algorithm to the files being opened. Some AV systems are more aggressive in their blocking of known variants, triggered at 50% of a match while other less effective AV systems look for more of a perfect match. Simply stated, most viruses are known, thus AV technologies are designed to block only the identified viruses making the system less effective against zero-day viruses (or unknown viruses). Network Security spending is estimated to double within the next 36 months in part due to the surge of malware and AV threats, yet the complacency in the AV software community has put the world at risk. The BorderLAN report opens some additional questions to the reader that center around what the future would look like with smarter and more unique viruses.

“As malware enters a company, it begins its long mission to extract data, passwords, and more” said Craig Smith, President of BorderLAN Inc., Smith continued – “A good malware is unique and quiet and does not make a fuss within a network, instead it accomplishes its mission as a rouge trained soldier that takes data and leaves without anyone knowing about it. A well coded virus may be already infecting a company but without a good scanning technology, IT will never know.”

The report further concludes that there will be shortly a new frontier of hackers coding unique virus and malware content along with tag-along morphing malware to free-bee software. “Hackers used to want their name in lights for bragging rights. The new generation are professional thieves and they are doing it quietly on purpose. They are going after identities, social numbers, customer lists, credit card numbers, bank passwords, targeted phishing attacks and more. Don’t wait…the defenses must be in place before the attack!” Said Smith.

BorderLAN Network Security sees an increase of targeted undetectable attacks and has taken precautions with customers to ensure the most up-to-date technology is deployed such as a futuristic AV which watches what a file does as a part of its security scan, even before it is opened by the computer. The right technology can help defend against the unknown and the known viruses threats that plague networks. BorderLAN believes the right defense is a mix of solutions including the right AV product, mitigating applications, proper Internet Filtering, security can be greatly enhanced.

BorderLAN Provides Anti-Virus Solution for West Des Moines Schools


District makes choice after evaluation determines ESET Anti-Virus speedier, more efficient

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – BorderLAN Logo In the age of shrinking budgets and aging computers, school districts are forced to start thinking outside the box maintain their network security. “A locked-down and well-managed desktop PC can be over 40% less expensive to maintain than an unmanaged one that fails often and only last a few years,” explained Craig Smith of BorderLAN, a nationwide network security provider. “With 70,000 unique pieces of malware variants being identified daily, you need the best anti-virus software you can find.”

The West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) – the state’s ninth-largest K-12 district, including 14 schools, more than 9,000 students and 1,200 employees – understood. After conducting an independent case study of available Anti-Virus programs, it selected ESET as its exclusive AV system.

Said Scott Crothers, district network engineer, “Most AV systems these days have lost their way and become huge bloat software that does very little, uses more than it should and does not do the primary job it was designed for. We used many of the popular AV’s in the past but now we needed one that had two simple requirements: fast boot time and low footprint on local resources.”

A WDMCS team launched an evaluation of the three biggest names in anti-virus software … and just before conducting its tests was introduced to ESET by BorderLAN Network Security.
Identical personal computers were formatted and each loaded with a different AV program. The team timed regular boot cycles, and evaluate boot resources, along with ongoing local resources to gauge the impact of each installation. The winner was ESET — with a noticeable 45 seconds faster boot.

“Boot speed was important, but only part of the equation,” Crothers said. “The next test evaluated the resource usage of the AV systems in background / standby mode and in scan mode. Hands down, ESET not only used half of the resources of its competition, but also completed the scans faster.”

Scan technology was also an important factor in the WDMCS case study. “We found ESET to be very proactive in its signature update process for known threats,” said Crothers. “Moreover, ESET’s heuristics-based scan engine was able to identify threat variants that have morphed from their original known threat signatures. Given the dynamic nature of modern viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware in general, ESET’s effective capability to combat zero-day threats made for a clear decision.”

Crothers continued, “Prior to ESET, the AV bloatware we were using was causing delays in the classroom and even caused slower application performance due to low resources. We feel we have extended the life of our PCs by using ESET.”

“We needed something simple, fast and affordable and BorderLAN delivered. ESET and BorderLAN exceeded our requirements and impressed us further with technical support and helpfulness.”

About BorderLAN Inc.

BorderLAN is a California-based nationwide provider of innovative and budget-friendly software, specializing in hassle-free network security solutions for IT and compliance needs as well as deployment assistance. BorderLAN clients include thousands of schools, businesses and government offices.

BorderLAN INC. Expands To Meet The Explosive Demand For Network Security


New facility and key hiring positions available as BorderLAN Network Security prepares for additional growth.

San Marcos (I-Newswire) May 2, 2013 –BorderLAN LogoBorderLAN Inc., a provider of network security solutions, today announced the growth into a larger office in North County San Diego, to accommodate current growth. The office will be located at 950 Boardwalk, San Marcos, CA 92078. BorderLAN expects tremendous success in the coming months in backup and recovery, energy management, email security, Internet monitoring and web security. The company’s primary objective and vision is to obtain complete customer satisfaction by supplying the right products that customers need before disaster strikes.

“BorderLAN understands the challenges that Customers face in budgeting for network security and can supply affordable solutions and options that were often previously unknown” said Craig Smith, President of BorderLAN Inc. Smith continued – “We have listened to our customers and found that 92% say they need to acquire more network security solutions, yet their budget is restrained. A common goal we share with network managers is to get more network problems solved with fewer resources and budget. BorderLAN can find solutions to save our customers money over while seeing an improvement in features and performance.”

BorderLAN Network Security has seen significant growth in its corporate and education customer base, particularly as CEO’s, network administrators and educational institutions demand more effective solutions for their networks. This includes Internet security, e-learning, email encryption, backing up and restoration of critical data, and data security.

BorderLAN’s innovative approach to solving network security needs has supplied customers with the latest defenses against unknown and known attacks. Over the last three years, the company has seen over 200% growth and strives to find talented individuals to help fill its office space and arm our customers against the ever changing security threats.

About BorderLAN Inc
BorderLAN Inc. is a nationwide provider of innovative and budget friendly IT Security Solutions. BorderLAN’s customers include thousands of Schools, Businesses and Government organizations. BorderLAN represents the best network security solutions for IT Security and Compliance needs. BorderLAN finds the latest products in emerging markets and provides honest advice on what’s best for each customer. BorderLAN is always there for clients before, during, and long after a sale. BorderLAN works hard to ensure a successful project roll out and strive toward a long term relationship. BorderLAN believes in an upfront hassle free experience while providing up-to-date IT industry trends, installation videos, and network security information.

BorderLAN also helps organizations comply with IT Solutions that match budget challenges. The high integrity and security expertise offers simple solutions and products that solve the most complex network problems. BorderLAN save’s IT time and money both short and long term. BorderLAN offers special payment terms, discounts and can provide deployment assistance.

Says Smith – “At the end of the day the solutions we provide helps IT departments sleep at night. BorderLAN Inc. solutions help businesses become more productive by reducing downtime preventing data-loss. As wonderful and powerful as computers are, there is a downfall…productivity loss, liability, and data-loss. We’re finally able to do something about it.”

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