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Classroom management

By having computers in schools gives these institutions the power to improve the learning experience for both the teachers and students. However the benefits can easily be lost amid the distractive elements of technology such as games, instant messaging and general web surfing. Faronics Insight is the ultimate classroom management system that provides teachers with full control over classroom technology to keep the students activities focused. Designed with an eye toward educational computing purposes, Insight enables teachers to harness the productive aspects of computers, while minimizing the basic disturbing temptations. Insight’s enhanced supervision features helping instructors to effectively focus on students with the greatest needs. The headaches of managing a computer-based learning environment are in the past with Insight.

Control in the computer lab

You want your students to have hands-on experience with technology, but you lack the staff to concurrently monitor student activities and guide students to effective learning. Technology provides the power to enhance the classroom experience; unfortunately, the,benefits of computers can be lost to distractive elements such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing. With Faronics Insight, students are enabled to request and receive help directly, discuss course material and ask questions without leaving their workstations or disturbing other students. Students can also collaborate and develop leadership skills by sharing their screen with other students. Advanced features such as real-time screen monitoring, USB/printer blocking, and web browsing and application limiting ensure students stay on task.

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Where the focus is
Insight’s enhanced integrated supervision technology provides instructors the opportunity to concentrates on students with greatest needs. Voting, testing, and chatting features allow instructors to instantly gauge student comprehension. Meanwhile the elimination of classroom distractions helps students focus and concentrate. Their confidence is boosted through personalized tutoring – all without classroom interruption, or other students knowing.

Promote positive student experience
Today’s students aren’t about pencils, pens and papers. They’re the technology generation, and embracing learning-forward approaches to education. Insight is user friendly for the student and the instructor, an education tool that facilitates lessons and understanding on both an individual and team basis, Instead of distracting themselves with personal devices, students find leaning enjoyable through Insight’s interactive technology.

Interactive curriculum
With Insight, students can interface with teachers or other students. Without leaving their work station or distracting the rest of their class, students can ask questions, request and receive help directly and discuss course material. They can also develop team skills by sharing their screen with other students. Advanced features like real-time screen monitoring, USB/printer blocking, and web browsing and application limiting ensures students stay on task.

Amplify student achievement
In an era of renewed accountability, states and school districts are being called upon to set higher student achievement standards. Research into successful learning now indicates a substantial surge in the innovative use of technology by teachers in core subject areas. Most importantly, schools that keep up with technology reporting significant increases in reading and math achievement. Insight provides the necessary reach for schools – and students – to be on the cutting edge.

Insight highlights

Insight console

  • Easy to access console through your system tray menu (Windows) or your Dock (Mac)
  • Manage your students in list view or thumbnails
  • Computer naming through Windows, Novell or Active Directory accounts
  • Easily toggle between different computer labs and keep student lists organised
  • Teachers can switch to different classes while keeping changes to their student lists, channels, and class profiles in real-time
  • Send a video file to all students and control the playback for all students at the same time
  • Broadcast audio from teacher console while managing the audio settings
  • Support for Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Classroom collaboration

  • Display teacher screen on student monitors in full screen or windowed mode with option to lock out students mouse and keyboard
  • Draw on screen to highlight important details
  • Allow students to share their screen with the rest of the class
  • Send text message to all or selected students
  • Students can ask questions directly through Insight
  • Teachers can initiate text-based chat session with student
  • Transfer files to and from student’s computer or their network drive

Control student workstations

  • Disable student’s keyboard & mouse during a remote-control session
  • Get student attention by blacking screens (with optional custom message), lock out keyboards and mice or muting sound

Application & device connectivity control

  • Allow only required applications and block others
  • Save load application limiting lists for different classes
  • Limit student access to printers and USB thumb drives
  • Restrict CD-ROM drive access
Web limiting & classroom monitoring

  • Block all Internet activity including browsers, e-mail and instant messaging
  • Allow/disallow access to select websites
  • View student’s Internet browsing history
  • Display launch page that lists allowed/disallowed websites
  • Monitor workstation keystrokes in real time (except at login prompt)
  • Receive keystroke alerts for banned words
  • Dual monitor support

Power features

  • Easily shutdown, logoff, or restart student computers
  • Power on computers remotely using Wake-on-LAN technology

Testing & voting

  • Ask students yes/no and multiple choice questions
  • Distribute tests to students that can be completed electronically
  • Display test questions in a random order on student machines to prevent cheating
  • Testing with new essay-type answers

Security and anti-tampering controls

  • All activity within Insight is logged to a status window
  • Password protection prevents rogue console use
  • Active directory secure mode allows only members within specified active directory group to view or control workstations to prevent unauthorized use of the Insight console

View and snapshot running applications

  • Teachers can view all running applications on student’s workstation and add those applications to the allowed or blocked application list
  • Take snapshot of the students current workstation screen

Insight system requirements

Insight requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX and 10% free hard drive space. The Insight Configuration Administrator and the Enterprise Console requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX to function properly. Information on Faronics Core system requirements can be found in the Faronics Core user guide. The hardware requirements are the same as the recommended requirements for the host operating system.

Insight Screenshots

Insight Testimonial

“…Insight is designed for classroom settings to allow a teacher to monitor and/or limit the computer usage of students. We use it for the same purpose but aim it towards our public-access computers…”

Eli Anthony, Library Technician
Taylor County Public Library

“… Since we have over 150 workstations running the Insight client, network traffic congestion was a concern of mine. However, once we had everything installed I did not notice any network slowdowns whatsoever…”

Josh Kolka – Administrator
Bangor Township Schools