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Cloud Backup and Recovery

Using a cloud based backup and disaster recovery solution can be done easily and affordably eliminating the need for costly dedicated hardware, software, and even more expensive backup tape nonsense. You’ll find a faster recovery from any individual system failure or total site outage with BorderLAN’s Backup, Replication & Recovery Online Solutions – BorderLAN’s cloud based solution for offsite recovery with high availability backup service.

Simply point BorderLAN’s continuous snapshots solution to secure, private cloud backup storage through BorderLAN’s solution Backup, Replication & Recovery Online service. In case of local or complete disaster, you’ll be able to restore remotely from BorderLAN’s offsite backup acting as a standby virtual machine. For large amounts of data, BorderLAN’s solution can overnight your disk with your recovery points for total fast local recovery first thing the next morning.

Why Backup to a Cloud

Combined with BorderLAN’s solution’s award-winning backup and replication software, the BorderLAN’s solution Online cloud continuously replicates your backups to a highly secure, best in class hi-tech facility used by hundreds of big-business financial institutions to protect billions of dollars in financial transactions:

  • SAS 70 compliant, total care data centers
  • Redundant services providing and delivering 10 GBbps connectivity
  • Super secure facility with ultrahigh availability via UPS and diesel generator fail safe power systems
  • You’ll be provided a full Virtual Core Server, fully managed and maintained by our professionals. With No additional Windows Server licenses required.
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Risks of Cloud Solutions
Few people appreciate the every support ticket submitted costs money, however Deep Freeze makes 90% of support tickets as easy as saying “please restart the computer and let me know if the problem persists”. Let us help reduce IT costs while improving organization operations.


  • 5x WAN performance: All-in-one deduplication and compression to reduce network traffic by 5 times over conventional replication.
  • Offsite backups: Snapshots all moved to your private cloud, offering full site protection.
  • Offsite retention periods: The offsite snapshot retention period can be different than the local retention period shifting storage costs to the cloud.
  • Offsite bare-metal recoveries: Rebuild servers from the private cloud to bare-metal.

Cloud Backup Testimonial

“…Insight is designed for classroom settings to allow a teacher to monitor and/or limit the computer usage of students. We use it for the same purpose but aim it towards our public-access computers…”

Eli Anthony, Library Technician
Taylor County Public Library

“… Since we have over 150 workstations running the Insight client, network traffic congestion was a concern of mine. However, once we had everything installed I did not notice any network slowdowns whatsoever…”

Josh Kolka – Administrator
Bangor Township Schools