BorderLAN recognizes some educators have special budget considerations and created  BorderLAN  Helping Hands charity to help provide funding and IT services for schools in need.  Our program is funded by generous donations from our business customers that is matched dollar for dollar by BorderLAN.  This funding is escrowed and utilized as needed to subsidize or pay for IT services or products that otherwise become unaffordable.

Our purpose behind our charity is simple.  We strongly believe that many schools cannot afford the best education and IT products.  We strive to make it affordable for everyone. We are committed to helping schools who request and truly need subsidy funding for the solutions we can help provide.  Giving back to our community is an essential part of our Values.

Here’s how it works

General Funding Method – Business Customers are asked to round up their purchases for the education charity fund.  BorderLAN collects and matches the donation and provides an escrow account of funding for schools in need.

Targeted Funding Method  – BorderLAN represents products that are also useful to families and home users.  If Districts or PTO / PTA are willing, BorderLAN can create a product brochure for offerings to the local parents and families to be handed out at meetings or to the parents.  These special “Click to buy” programs offered will provide 100% of the profit above costs to the school for their own specific charitable use for IT services, products and services that BorderLAN provides.

Past  Charitable Services have included:

  • At cost pass through discounts
  • BorderLAN sponsored School Fund raising for IT projects (elearning, one-to-one)
  • Free Bring your own device BYOD solutions
  • Subsidized “below cost” annual internet filtering, AV, SPAM service
  • Free installation services for products we support
  • Free consulting services in our IT Security focus
  • Fully or partially subsidized products that BorderLAN provides

To Apply

Tell your BorderLAN sales representative about your schools situation and they will inquire as to the available services or cash from the general fund that can be used at the time of request.  As each school may have different needs, we address requests for funding on a case-by-case basis as funding is available.

Apply for a Targeted School Fundraiser

Tell your BorderLAN sales representative about your desire for fund raising and BorderLAN Marketing will create a special graphical targeted fundraiser program tailored to your school.  Such fundraisers usually run for 4 weeks and provide the school with full  visibility to the accrued funds that can be used as a credit toward any BorderLAN services.

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