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A proper budget friendly Internet Filter can make waves in a good way in Education. Solutions exist to help teachers and students with entire Campus Collaboration online and through the Internet in a safe secure way. We empower teachers to create safe classrooms, upload content, and help manage the usage of their classes. The technology we can provide helps protect the students from the dangers of the Internet while allowing remote usage, IPAD control, Mobile Device Management MDM, e-learning, test taking, homework assignments online, safe you tube, and even chat monitoring. BorderLAN even supplies off-site control over district devices such as IPAD's and netbooks to ensure protection and elearning from any location (school, home or even starbucks). BorderLAN represents hosted and physical network solutions that deploy quickly and easily.

Mobile Devices have become the norm in education as they give students access to anytime, anywhere learning opportunities with a tool that keeps them engaged.  We can help by blending the your web security filter with an MDM to enforce similar policies no matter where the student accesses the Internet.

With the growing demand for technology in education, its become increasingly important to choose the right Internet filter that helps secure the web experience for students at school.

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Featured Education Solutions


Power Save

Your IT infrastructure has a huge impact on your annual energy bill - not only in terms on wasted electricity by also in terms of its impact on HVAC systems. A dedicated PC power management solution is one of the most inexpensive and impactful ways to reduce your organization's power bill and energy consumption and can deliver a full ROI in as little as six months.
Lower each computers annual energy costs by up to $50:
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Classroom monitoring

Classroom Monitoring

You want your students to have hands-on experience with technology, but you lack the staff to concurrently monitor student activities and guide students to effective learning. Technology provides the power to enhance the classroom experience; unfortunately, the,benefits of computers can be lost to distractive elements such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing. We can help take back your classroom.
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Layered Security

Best in bread AV for schools with low resource footprint.
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Whitelist your applications.
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Eliminate the need for IT professionals to reconfigure, re-image, or troubleshoot computers and reducing support incidents by up to 63%.
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