Office 365 free Email Threat Scan

Think your protected? Find out now. With BorderLAN we ca help you with 5 free scans. It's fast and easy. Signup below and we can forward you the links

You’ll see the threats in your users email with Monthly Email Domain Scanning

Spear phishing

Business email compromise

Conversation hijacking

Brand and domain impersonation



URL phishing

Did you know?

Over 95% of Office 365 mailboxes harbor malicious emails that bypassed the email spam gateway

50% of businesses currently have active malicious infections looking to find credentials and breach the network.

Is monthly scanning Affordable? 

Usually less than a dollar a month per employee.  Our email threat specialist will send you a link  report instructions, a quote and can discuss monthly payments vs. annual discounted service.  Just fill in the form below for more information, pricing and an email scan report.

How many have been helped?

11 million

Mailboxes scanned

6 million

Spear phishing attacks identified

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. The untrained employee may click on emails that appear legitimate starting a chain reaction of data-loss and breach. Cyber hackers are hard at work to trick your employees and send them phishing attacks every day. Get monitored and protected today!