Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Email Encryption is an overlooked security defense that can make a difference in the event of a simple mistake or a regulatory mandate.  Email as the primary business method of communication is inherently insecure.  Sending data via email to valid relationships can cause a regulatory breach of the data when out in the open.  There is a simple method to prevent this – empower your employees with Email Encryption

  • Email Encryption: Automatic and fully transparent email encryption and data loss prevention
  • Email Threat Protection: Protect your inbox and your network from cyber threats
  • Information Archiving: Archive all communications and make eDiscovery easier for your team
  • Email Message Privacy: Keep your sensitive information secure and compliant
  • Secure File Share: Deliver large files securely and efficiently
  • Microsoft 365: Build your business on the security and productivity foundation

Gain with Email Encryption

Reduce Data Loss & Risk

Company lifetime value can disappear. Encryption ensures compliance and reduces the risk of data loss

Preserve Trust

Your customers expect you to keep their data safe.  Your brand and reputation can be at stake, not to mention the regulatory mandate to encrypt and the fines that come with a simple mistake

Accelerate Revenue

Transform a potential liability into a revenue generator.  Customers are more likely to trust a company providing security

Deployment Options

  • One-Step Deployment: Simply route your MX record to us and experience the benefits immediately for Cloud email protection


  • Office 365 Plugin for Outlook: Download and install a “Send Encrypted” button for your outlook


  • Appliance for your network: Works with your internal mail server grabbing and filtering by policy


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