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Questions on specific products or services should be directed at your Customer Service or Sales Representative.

How do I contact BorderLAN?

aWe are available to help our future and existing customers. Our mission is to provide a true partnership where we add value, expertise and affordable solutions.  Give us an email or phone call and we will commit to helping you with exceptional service and products that are effective in Cyber Security.

How much do your services cost?

aService costs are dependent on product and type of service.  BorderLAN has dozens of innovative solutions that help enhance cyber security.  Options are available for annual contracts, quarterly, and even monthly billing.  Smaller business Customers can also enjoy simple affordable monthly pricing per protected employee.  As cybersecurity solutions greatly vary, a quick phone call will help us present options and discuss just how affordable our services are.  BorderLAN strives to be the most affordable effective solution provider and look forward to seeing clients have successful projects.

I already have an IT guy, why do I need BorderLAN?

aIT can be exceptionally complicated when adding Cyber Security duties. Many IT individuals work to just maintain and keep the network up and running and do not have time to spend on Cyber Security initiatives.  Organizations suffer the risk of malicious attacks and breaches as a consequence.  BorderLAN can help by off-loading some of the duties that on the surface seem mundane, yet are some of the most effective methods to defend a network, such as Email phishing training, managed Antivirus, monitored and managed firewalls and more. IT employees are hard to find and hard to keep.  There are currently over 200,000 unfilled cyber security openings making retention more difficult while getting hit with countless cyber attacks.  BorderLAN can partner to help you and your IT staff be more successful, safer and better defended.

Can you come on-site and install and fix our network?

aWe can travel and work on networks in North America.  We have multiple trained individuals that can engage on specific projects and products.  We also leverage engineering from product manufacturers when installations are custom resulting in a team approach.  Typically on-site visits are for paid installation and deployment, which can be offered by your BorderLAN Sales associate.  Often charges are per day plus travel.  We recommend post installation to purchase individual blocks of hours at a nominal rate to ensure you can call anytime throughout the year for further assistance as questions arise.

Will you really host my cyber awareness day?

aYes we can!  We can organize annual cyber awareness days complete with speakers, handouts, training, hands-on demo’s and perform it at a location of your choice.  Typically we book two months in advance and spend time gathering custom info for the presentation to make it the most engaging lecture and breakout sessions possible.  Pricing depends on location, travel, presentations,, hours and how many vendor booths we bring.  We work with the IT team and the executives to present topics or suggest ones that can help secure the organization.

Can I have a free trial to test the solutions you provide?

aIn most cases our products can be tested or evaluated for a brief period of time.  We can prove the concepts we present but always begin with a discussion to ensure you are testing the solution that best fits your needs both current and future.  Our method is to provide you with a brief introductory call and online webinar to show the product and have a discussion about your situation, timing and criteria.  The process is simple and hassle-free.  Just give us a call to discuss your project.

Do you ship to my country?

aNorth America is our corporate and remote office location. Some countries allow imports but it varies with taxes and location. BorderLAN can sell and promote and service USA and Canada locations, while others can be done on a case by case basis.

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