BorderLAN provides financing on some product lines. Financing is available on a case by case basis for organizations who require high capital solutions with limited up-front budget. Generally 50% or more of the total cost will be require as an “up-front” fee, and other components are spanned over time to be in line with future available budgets.

Why Financing?

Often BorderLAN customers can receive a significant discount advantage when purchasing for multiple years up front. This price discount more than covers the cost of the financing of capital. In most cases our customers end up with a great product, a 3 or 5 year commitment with a net savings when compared to year-to-year purchases. What’s more is Organizations using BorderLAN’s financing can manage cash in a more predictable way.

How to Apply

Ask a BorderLAN representative if your product qualifies for multiple year contracts and annual payments. We will supply budgetary situations to demonstrate what payments would be. If needed, credit will be run which could vary the final payments.