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Desktop Security

What’s Driving Your Desktop Security Strategy?

With the number and complexity of IT related threats steadily increasing, relying solely on one solution or system to ensure you security is no longer good enough. While anti-virus is an essential component to IT security, it is only the beginning. Using these three levels of security, BorderLAN has successfully protected thousands of clients from costly potential threats.

The layered security strategy targets every layer of potential threats, giving you peace of mind and the security needed to conduct your daily business.

Multiple layers of security allow IT staff to defend against modern threats while eliminating the potential headaches and high costs of repairing and recovering from a compromised IT system. A locked-down and well-managed desktop PC can be 42% less expensive to maintain than an unmanaged one.

IT Support Demands
Every IT support ticket costs money. Malware can also quickly and degrading system performance causing system instability and poor system performance. According to a study by Ponemon Institute, it takes an average of 14 days to resolve a cyber attack.

What could your IT staff do with more time?
By reducing IT support tickets, BorderLAN solutions are able to help IT staff to focus on strategic objectives instead of mundane and time-consuming technical support issue such as support tickets. Our desktop security software helps reduce system degradation and keeps machines up and running at all times.
Data Protection
Anti-virus solutions don’t protect against zero day and targeted malicious attacks. Meanwhile, innocent web-browsing and peripherals such as USB keys are an open gateway for hackers to obtain access to confidential data for financial gain. Backup & Recovery

Protect data endpoints against threats

Long gone are the days where one solution could combat all threats. Layered security provides you with enterprise-wide endpoint protection without compromising system performance. Whether its through our system restore protection, or the ability to allow only permitted applications to run, we’ve got you covered.

Compliance regulations
Billions of dollars are lost each year to software piracy. Although it may seem innocent enough to install unlicensed applications, the ramifications can be costly. Meanwhile regulatory compliance requirements are so important that in many industries they are codified into law or regulation (also see: HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FERPA). By ensuring only approved applications and programs run, we can help you meet license and regulatory compliance regulations. In the event your computers are exposed to accidental or malicious third party access, our system-restore technology ensures sensitive data is removed upon restart, helping you fulfill regulatory compliance requirements. For more on compliance and regulations click here.

Technical Features

  • Centralized Management with Faronics Core
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Perform or schedule tasks on any number of workstations
  • Virus updates centrally stored on Faronics Core Server and applied to Frozen computers without Thawing
  • Block unauthorized or harmful applications running on workstations and remove on system restart
  • Track blocked applications, real-time Deep Freeze status and receive detailed global workstation reports

Product Testimonial

“I was unsure if this product would work in our government environment but after a week of use, I don’t see how we worked without it…”

Chris Miller, Acme Creative, LLC

“Deep Freeze has been excellent. I no longer have any worries about the “dabblers” and tutors also agree it is an excellent product.”

Aberdeen City Council, UK