Executive Profiles

Craig Smith | President

(760) 736-8100

Since 1993 Craig has been instrumental in leading encryption and backup services, internet filtering offerings, and compliance. Craig has been published in dozens of magazines for his innovative channel programs, network security involvement, and has chaired board positions. Craig holds an MBA and has served in VP and director positions for 8e6 Technologies (trustwave), St. Bernard Software (edge wave) TriGeo Network Security (SolarWinds), and others.


Craig Smith came to BorderLAN Inc. after more than 15 years of leadership and vision in the IT security industry. Craig joined BorderLAN to help continue the success of the company in driving new innovative product offerings and open new vertical markets. Since joining BorderLAN Craig has hired key staff that has earned partner of the year with each of our key vendors. His passion is to provide the best level of service and represent the best products on the market.

A Message from Our President

Thank you to our customers for the years of our relationship. We are truly honored to be able to supply you with new and ever-changing cybersecurity defense products and services.  At BorderLAN Inc. will continue to service our thousands of customers and work even harder to make our Customer Concierge service the best experience of any IT vendor.  We plan to constantly keep up our internal research into the IT market always ensuring to watch for, test, and be knowledgeable of what’s available in the market. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Meade

Our future growth will be in welcoming new customers to the BorderLAN family providing even deeper level conversations about what challenges are happening and what solutions may be available. With thousands of clients, we can supply some high-level data on what is working and what is not within given customer industries shortcutting countless customer hours of research.  Over time with our Concierge service, we can solve problems and make a difference as a team. Our approach combined with our long-term customer focus and commitment will help our clients see ever more secure and simple consolidated solutions to the emerging cybersecurity and mobile needs.


If there is anything I can do, or we can do as a company to better serve you as a customer, please contact me anytime. We look forward to growing with you!


Craig Smith, President – BorderLAN Cyber Security 

A Message for Our President