All our products have been chosen after extensive market research and testing. We represent what we feel is the best quality product with rich features and affordability.
BorderLAN in selection of products creates and performs product reviews based on customer feedback. Our approach encourages our entire staff to be mindful of customer needs and introduce solutions that have worked well for other BorderLAN customers.
We find that "a brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation".
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BorderLAN's culture is one of solving problems for customers, both with challenged budgets and with needed features. We become product experts on the solutions we represent and are highly knowledgeable on competition and can help transfer research knowledge on why certain features are important with the current network threats.
We believe in the products we represent and provide ample information to help customers make up their own mind with comparisons, compelling features and budget pricing, all while keeping network security intact.
A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.
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We strive to provide the best consultative low-pressure experience with IT Network Security Solutions. Our representatives are dedicated to working at our customers timetable and providing true valued service our clients. On a regular basis even after becoming a customer, BorderLAN follows up to ensure ongoing satisfaction. Our model of service and total customer care has resulted in 98% of our customer returning each year for service, and a vast majority purchasing multiple product solutions from BorderLAN.
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