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The Challenge of Device Diversity with BYOD

Any challenge in supporting the increasing diversity of devices involved with BYOD? Anytime you open the door for outside devices you have to ask yourself “what is technology’s role in your tech plan?” With a NAC solution you have the ability to detect what kind of device is trying to connect to your network; with

How to sell BYOD to Decision Makers

Let’s face it: IT managers are not salesmen and often can be completely misunderstood with “geek speak”. With terms like BYOD, SNMP, NAC, MDM and even PC can become confusing to the non-initiated. The key is to sell the sizzle not the steak. In other words what decision makers want to hear is not BYOD

Hurdles that go with BYOD

For years IT managers have been worried about people bringing their own technology into the classroom – what kind of viruses are they bringing onto the network? How many hours will be lost from support tickets from technology that’s not even owned by the school? But as time progresses so did the realization that the

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