Secure Cloud Drive

Control and Monitor a Secure Cloud Drive

Remote workers need access to team folders they are authorized to oversee allowing view, change and edit.  There is a simple solution BorderLAN can charge monthly per Gigabyte to host your files securely in the cloud.  Each employee has access to their permission level or team level.   This is all accomplished without downloading the files to the remote computers.  The presentation as a shared network drive allows access and remote wipe capabilities to increase security and demonstrate compliance.

Usual Cloud Problems that we can help you overcome:

  The traditional problem is that these files get downloaded onto personal devices

  Personal devices are off-site in less secure environments

  Lost Laptop could be a breach to an auditor

  Hard Drives fill up

  Folders do not have monitoring to see who is accessing and when

  Cycling permissions and employees is difficult with traditional cloud drives

Get started for as little as $250 dollars per month and see how our managed cloud drive can set you up for success

Can Malware on a personal device crawl through the network shares?

In short yes it can and it does.  Traditional cloud drives allow access anywhere, anytime.  One compromised remote device or home computer checking email can infect the cloud drive and result in ransomware spreading to other cloud users in your company.  Access from anywhere, on any device from anyone who has a valid password sounds like a recipe for disaster and that is one of the big reasons companies are getting breached.

We do four things differently:

Set up and enroll trusted devices list for cloud access (iphone, android, mac, windows)

Setup your teams permissions

Train you to monitor your users and give you the tools to manage security


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