BorderLAN Provides Anti-Virus Solution for West Des Moines Schools


District makes choice after evaluation determines ESET Anti-Virus speedier, more efficient

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – BorderLAN Logo In the age of shrinking budgets and aging computers, school districts are forced to start thinking outside the box maintain their network security. “A locked-down and well-managed desktop PC can be over 40% less expensive to maintain than an unmanaged one that fails often and only last a few years,” explained Craig Smith of BorderLAN, a nationwide network security provider. “With 70,000 unique pieces of malware variants being identified daily, you need the best anti-virus software you can find.”

The West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) – the state’s ninth-largest K-12 district, including 14 schools, more than 9,000 students and 1,200 employees – understood. After conducting an independent case study of available Anti-Virus programs, it selected ESET as its exclusive AV system.

Said Scott Crothers, district network engineer, “Most AV systems these days have lost their way and become huge bloat software that does very little, uses more than it should and does not do the primary job it was designed for. We used many of the popular AV’s in the past but now we needed one that had two simple requirements: fast boot time and low footprint on local resources.”

A WDMCS team launched an evaluation of the three biggest names in anti-virus software … and just before conducting its tests was introduced to ESET by BorderLAN Network Security.
Identical personal computers were formatted and each loaded with a different AV program. The team timed regular boot cycles, and evaluate boot resources, along with ongoing local resources to gauge the impact of each installation. The winner was ESET — with a noticeable 45 seconds faster boot.

“Boot speed was important, but only part of the equation,” Crothers said. “The next test evaluated the resource usage of the AV systems in background / standby mode and in scan mode. Hands down, ESET not only used half of the resources of its competition, but also completed the scans faster.”

Scan technology was also an important factor in the WDMCS case study. “We found ESET to be very proactive in its signature update process for known threats,” said Crothers. “Moreover, ESET’s heuristics-based scan engine was able to identify threat variants that have morphed from their original known threat signatures. Given the dynamic nature of modern viruses, trojans, spyware, and malware in general, ESET’s effective capability to combat zero-day threats made for a clear decision.”

Crothers continued, “Prior to ESET, the AV bloatware we were using was causing delays in the classroom and even caused slower application performance due to low resources. We feel we have extended the life of our PCs by using ESET.”

“We needed something simple, fast and affordable and BorderLAN delivered. ESET and BorderLAN exceeded our requirements and impressed us further with technical support and helpfulness.”

About BorderLAN Inc.

BorderLAN is a California-based nationwide provider of innovative and budget-friendly software, specializing in hassle-free network security solutions for IT and compliance needs as well as deployment assistance. BorderLAN clients include thousands of schools, businesses and government offices.

AppRiver Email Entrusted to ESET


AppRiver was founded in April 2002 with a handful of experts, an arsenal of technology, and one clear value proposition: to off er businesses of all sizes secure messaging solutions. Since its inception, the company has sustained an impressive 97% customer retention rate while growing its customer base to more than 30,000 companies and over 5 million mailboxes worldwide.

AppRiver is a privately-owned Managed Service Provider specializing in secure messaging solutions for all things email. In addition to spam and virus protection, the company provides a complete managed service for Microsoft Exchange. AppRiver’s Exchange Hosting Services eliminate the time and investment required for businesses to purchase and maintain Exchange servers in-house. Additionally, AppRiver’s exclusive partnership with Akamai assures that users will always have quick and reliable access to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and OWA for Mobile Devices without Internet disruptions, regardless of location.

Numerous Internet threats exist today, but viruses no longer keep AppRiver’s Director of Network Infrastructure, Dave Liberatore, consumed at night. “Besides bumps in the night, I no longer worry about a virus outbreak,” said Liberatore. “The reliability of systems and the software we choose are our most important decisions.”

What prompted the decision to switch?

“Prior to using ESET, our biggest issue with the previous AV vendor was performance, and the reliability of virus definitions. Our evaluation process included ESET as well as fi ve other leading antivirus vendors over a period of six months. After extensive testing, ESET emerged the clear winner in terms of speed, reliability, virus and malware capture rates; all with minimal impact on our system resources. ESET, on average, ran 50 percent faster than the other engines we evaluated.”

Since implementation, AppRiver has been very satisfied with the ESET engine. “I appreciate the speed of updates for new threats, the minimal load it puts onto our current server environments and its overall capability and stability,” said Liberatore. “It has provided superior protection for our clients and their data, particularly when our new customers upload their old email data to our mail servers.”

ESET Archbold Medical Center — Just What the Doctor Ordered


Archbold Medical Center is comprised of fi ve hospitals and four nursing homes, with more than 800 beds in and around Thomasville, Georgia. In business for over 81 years, it employs more than 2,500 people and has a medical staff of more than 200 qualified specialists.

Martin Slusher is the senior network administrator for Archbold, overseeing 2,500 PCs; 3,100 users and 180 servers across 60 locations.

Until April 2007 Martin’s group was using Symantec Enterprise Edition for antivirus protection. However he was soon on the lookout for a better solution, with a few objectives in mind:

  • Find a more effective antivirus
  • Find a more cost effective solution
  • Resolve the complaints from network users about sluggish computers (most of them had new PCs, so he knew the current AV must be a resource hog)


“I first heard about ESET from a local IT shop who mentioned it to me. I researched it and tested it at home before I brought it up to our CIO and other network administrators.”

Then Martin and his team evaluated other AV companies but decided not to move forward for various reasons, including price, sales people and installation help.

“Ultimately we decided to go with ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition because of its ease of use and heuristics,” said Martin. “It found infections in our environment that had previously gone undetected. We were able to observe all of this with a 90-day trial copy.”


Archbold purchased ESET through a reseller – Classic Networking. “Classic off ers ‘Rip and Replace’ service that removes all versions of Symantec and installs ESET NOD32. This was a huge help considering we have a small IT staff . These guys were great! They helped us create a group policy on Active Directory to run the custom script and then they gave us training on the product.”

ESET Securing The Sisters of Charity


Carlos Dominguez is the director of information technology for the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. Sisters of Charity is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to make God’s love real in the world by promoting human dignity, especially among the most vulnerable.

Like many IT people at similarly sized companies, Carlos wears a lot of hats. “I’m the Microsoft Exchange server guy, the network guy; I fi x computers and manage servers.” He oversees 170 workstations and servers on the local network, and another 100 or so outside the network. His environment runs a mix of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

A little over three years ago, Carlos decided Sisters of Charity needed to move away from Symantec Endpoint Protection to something faster and lighter. “The machine performance with Symantec antivirus was slow. During the scans, you could tell it was scanning. It took so many resources away from the machine to such an extent that all the other applications, like Microsoft O ce, ran slow. We needed a better solution.”


Acting on a tip from systems integrator Internet Contrasts, Carlos decided to bring ESET in for an evaluation, because according to Internet Contrasts CEO Brandon Zumwalt, ESET’s overhead was minimal while o ering the required feature set. Along with ESET, Sisters of Charity also evaluated Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee and a few others. Ultimately, the recommendation of Mr. Zumwalt became the overriding factor.

In choosing ESET, Carlos had specifi c objectives he wanted to achieve: Sisters of Charity needed a product that would not interfere with the performance of server or work machines, protect local machines from viruses, protect the email server from viruses, and have it all easy to deploy, learn and manage through a centralized console.

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