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Virtual Server Backup and Disaster Recovery

BorderLAN represents the best of known backup and recovery software in the market and has partnered with Appassure and Datto for increased functionality and speed. BorderLAN’s ArchiveAway solution for Virtual Machine environments and Virtual Server Backup / Disaster Recovery leverages the use of one Physical server to be installed locally to provide local capture, de-duplication, and virtual backup spin-up on failed servers. The Archive Away service (if subscribed) copies your data and sends it offsite in the cloud for secure offsite storage.

BorderLAN’s Virtual environments simply load a backup agent on the VM/Hyper build and it automatically begins it’s backup process. It can be set for backup every 15 minutes and is lightning fast on mounting for file restoration or browsing backup image. Best yet, it takes a copy and sends it to the cloud to ensure everything is protected in two places.

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Recover your Virtual Machines & Virtual Servers with 100% Reliability

A server backup is worthless if you cannot recover and Tape Drive / File backups have taught us that painful lesson. BorderLAN’s ArchiveAway solution automatically boots the backup image every night to ensure connectivity, and can even email a screenshot of the logon screen to ensure the backup was bootable. We can finally choose technology that truly protects us and can help eliminate the worry that usually comes with even the name brand backup software.