BorderLAN finds most AV (Anti-Virus) solutions lacking in their “what’s behind the curtain” report. Most AV technologies use old signatures and variants making a green-field opportunity for hackers and malicious software.

logo-300BorderLAN Inc., a provider of network security solutions, announced today the release of their “what’s behind the AV curtain” report, which finds the majority of AV solutions stagnate with technology that looks only for the known AV threats. The BorderLAN report tells customers to about the defensive method of many AV technologies employ, which takes known viruses and variants and applies a statistical match algorithm to the files being opened. Some AV systems are more aggressive in their blocking of known variants, triggered at 50% of a match while other less effective AV systems look for more of a perfect match. Simply stated, most viruses are known, thus AV technologies are designed to block only the identified viruses making the system less effective against zero-day viruses (or unknown viruses). Network Security spending is estimated to double within the next 36 months in part due to the surge of malware and AV threats, yet the complacency in the AV software community has put the world at risk. The BorderLAN report opens some additional questions to the reader that center around what the future would look like with smarter and more unique viruses.

“As malware enters a company, it begins its long mission to extract data, passwords, and more” said Craig Smith, President of BorderLAN Inc., Smith continued – “A good malware is unique and quiet and does not make a fuss within a network, instead it accomplishes its mission as a rouge trained soldier that takes data and leaves without anyone knowing about it. A well coded virus may be already infecting a company but without a good scanning technology, IT will never know.”

The report further concludes that there will be shortly a new frontier of hackers coding unique virus and malware content along with tag-along morphing malware to free-bee software. “Hackers used to want their name in lights for bragging rights. The new generation are professional thieves and they are doing it quietly on purpose. They are going after identities, social numbers, customer lists, credit card numbers, bank passwords, targeted phishing attacks and more. Don’t wait…the defenses must be in place before the attack!” Said Smith.

BorderLAN Network Security sees an increase of targeted undetectable attacks and has taken precautions with customers to ensure the most up-to-date technology is deployed such as a futuristic AV which watches what a file does as a part of its security scan, even before it is opened by the computer. The right technology can help defend against the unknown and the known viruses threats that plague networks. BorderLAN believes the right defense is a mix of solutions including the right AV product, mitigating applications, proper Internet Filtering, security can be greatly enhanced.



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