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Disaster Recovery Software for your critical servers

It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when….

BorderLAN’s solution to Backup is to plan for recovery in speed and quality. Agents loaded on critical servers capture changes every 15 minutes and send changes to your choice of backup location where the restore images for booting is prepared and tested. BorderLAN calls our service the “Archive Away Backup Service” which utilizes a combination of the the best products and services available including encrypted cloud long term affordable archive storage. We can support Linux, Windows, Exchange, MS SQL and virtual servers. Recovering complete OS, Data, apps, and more from a block block level and an individual file level locally and in the cloud makes for a perfect backup experience.

BorderLAN’s disaster recovery begins with a simple webinar to discuss what critical servers and data exist. Next we prepare a recommended quote and can supply test software and proof of concept. Our goal is to minimize downtime by having ready tested and virtualized backups ready so the end users have less impact. The backup server can virtualize and host your backup creating a simple way to keep the network up and running. Once users are up, then time can be taken to properly diagnose the failed server and put it back inline with a simple restore commands. Restore features even allow for restoration to dis-similar hardware. The features are:

  • Click to failover to virtual backup
  • Bare metal restore to similar and dissimilar hardware
  • Ccompression and deduplication to ensure space is used wisely
  • Included offsite storage in the cloud for catastrophic disaster.
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Recover in minutes

Archive Away™ was created as a service to provide local and cloud backup of all the small snapshots of changes made every 15 minutes to a computer system. It’s evolution over time with partnerships with companies like Appassure, Datto and others, which has created a significant speed increase in RTOs (recovery time objectives) and RPOs (Recovery point objectives) that measure in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Hassle free disaster recovery

Deduplication and compression technology reduces storage and costs. Deduplication and compression is done locally on the ArchiveAway backup server and then pushed up to the Cloud for minimal bandwidth of just the changes. This architecture and de-dupe can also extend the total capability of an Archive Away backup server, where it can hold many more simultaneous servers.


  • Failover to Virtual Images locally AND in the Cloud.
  • Boot check on backup image nightly and alert if problem with backup or boot of backup.
  • Bare-metal server recovery of backup – VMware, Hyper-V, are also supported.
  • Mountable Snapshots: (VMware and Hyper-V Supported) Mount any snapshot in the backup to view and recover individual files or entire servers.
  • Use it as a Test lab: Mount a backup and test how it will respond to new software and patches.
  • Replication: Replicate your local snapshots directly to a secure cloud.