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The onset of mobile devices have created an environment where employees are dependent on access to secure data from less secure and more mobile devices. Centralizing data becomes important to keep data from being on iphones, ipads or laptops which can be lost or compromised. The easiest method to address this is to utilize a "Cloud" whereby creating a private cloud or a Internet Cloud to serve applications, data, backups, encryption, email, MS Office and much more from any device is all without anything actually being loaded on the device. Convenience with productivity and security can now be accomplished with the proper selection of software.
BorderLAN helps consult with business to deploy cloud services that cover:

Cloud Backup

Implement cloud based backup, disaster recovery and business continuity plans easily and affordably and eliminate the need for dedicated hardware, software, and expensive tape backup. Recover fast from any individual system or total site outage with BorderLAN’s Backup, Replication & Recovery Online – BorderLAN’s solution cloud offsite recovery and high availability backup service.

Cloud Business Solutions

The Cloud offers Internet hosted services for various organizational needs. BorderLAN Security finds and tests the best possible cloud options for our customers and helps make the decision easy. While there are some risk to the cloud concept, many of the solutions we represent have proven security measures in place for your protection. Contact us today for a free analysis and demonstration.

Featured Business Solutions

Deep Freeze
Email is the most recognized and accepted communication method that organizations use to send information. It is also the least secure of any communication method, yet all organizations use it on a daily basis to send sensitive information to patients, doctors, third-party organizations, banks, loan documents and more. Securing sensitive data and email text is required by law for most organizations HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, SOX.
Learn More: Encrypted Email

Deep Freeze
The data you are striving to protect behind firewalls and passwords is likely still slipping through your fingers.Data leaks can be initiated by either unwitting employees or users with malicious intent who copy proprietary or sensitive information from their PCs to flash memory sticks, smartphones, cameras, PDA’s, DVD/CDROMs, or other convenient forms of portable storage.
Learn More: Data Loss Prevention

Power Saving
Your IT infrastructure has a huge impact on your annual energy bill - not only in terms on wasted electricity by also in terms of its impact on HVAC systems. A dedicated PC power management solution is one of the most inexpensive and impactful ways to reduce your organization's power bill and energy consumption and can deliver a full ROI in as little as six months.
Lower each computers annual energy costs by up to $50:
Learn More about Power Saving

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