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Electronic credentials, such as login ID and passcodes, link you and your employees to vital business applications, as well as services online. Regretfully, cyber outlaws are aware of this and target the most untrained employees with realistic email phishing attacks that give up the keys to the corporate network.

A Hazardous and Risky Space

The Darkweb is comprised of digital groups that manage the Internet, and although there are justifiable intentions on the Darkweb, the vast majority is used to buy and electronic credentials for nefarious activities.


Once a breach happens, those credentials go up for sale and other hackers buy them, and mount further and deeper attacks. Organizations time and again have had their credentials jeopardized and sold on the Darkweb and have no idea until they are notified by authorities—by this point, it is already too late.


What Can be Done to Defend Your Organization?

With BorderLAN, a mixture of human experience and advanced searching techniques are used to help generate and interpret the monthly report and take appropriate action to adjust security to defend the impending attacks. With the BorderLAN service, your organization can have some help and in many cases advanced warning.


1. 80% of hacking breaches are linked either to hijacked and/or inadequate digital credentials.
2. 65% of SMB’s close within a 6-month radius due to a cyber breach.
3. 48% of breaches start with SMB’s

Cyber criminals target employees with phishing emails. One click on a well crafted link such as “prime membership credit” can expose the employee password to the dark web.  Hackers can buy the password for pennies and launch deeper attacks.  Knowing who is showing up on the dark web can help to prevent breaches by warning who needs to change passwords, and who is likely infected. Hackers harvest credentials from

  • Exclusive websites – signup forms
  • Public Wifi and Cloud Applications
  • Phishing email clicked (personal email and work email)
  • Social media websites
  • Personal devices used to access company data

With dark-web scanning service, you can see a pattern before the advanced threats begin.

Employee password breaches may even begin in another company who has your employee information, email account, cloud service, or in some cases the products that employees use. Passwords are often identical or similar offering hackers buying these passwords easy prey with company employees, online applications and email.

70% of employees use the same passwords as work devices on personal applications

Monthly reports can warn your organization of employees and the passwords that may be at risk.  Passwords that surface often precede cyber attacks from deeper difficult attack vectors allowing advanced notice to change password and modify behavior.

How it Happens?

When a staff member has access to their work email via outside resources, like the examples above, the organization becomes susceptible to experiencing a breach. With the help of Darkweb Monitoring, we can identify if your organization is in danger due to any exposed credentials via third-party resources.

Human Resources

Online logins to websites



Travel Sites


Social Media Websites

Cloud services

How Can BORDERLAN DARK-WEB Scan Help Defend Your Organization?
  • A monthly service where BorderLAN’s Connection of several Darkweb services, including Tor, I2P, and Freenet, etc are checked for at-risk credentials where Darkweb actors are attempting to sell and or promote data from your organization or credentials of your employees
  • Our scans give you intel without placing your company at risk for researching or joining the dark web’s hazardous services
  • Monthly Health checks are emailed
  • Employees at risk can sometimes be identified indicated credential leakage or pre-cursor to malware
  • In some cases, Assists in providing awareness of at-risk credentials before a breach occurs
Why is DARKWEB Scanning Important?
  • At-risk credentials are harvested and sold to hackers who plan deeper attacks and breaches
  • Staff often use the same passwords for access, such as personal emails, twitter, Facebook, company networks, computer logins, and even O365
  • Businesses are limited to the visibility of when credentials are jeopardized as most organizations utilize the cloud for many of their services and databases making the hacking invisible

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