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Why Consider An Endpoint DLP Solution?

The data you are trying to protect is probably passwords protected and behind firewalls but still seems to be slipping through the cracks. Whether the Data leaks are caused by unwitting employees or users with malicious intent who copy proprietary or sensitive information from their PCs to flash memory sticks, smartphones, cameras, PDA’s, DVD/CDROMs, or other convenient forms of portable storage. Or, leaks may come from email accounts, IM’s, online forms, social networks or telnet sessions. Wireless endpoint interfaces like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Infrared as well as device synchronization channels provide additional avenues for data loss. At the same time, workstation endpoint can also be infected with crazy malware harvesting your users keystrokes and sending secure information over SMTP or FTP strait into these criminals hands. While these attacks can get around conventional network security solutions and native Windows controls, the DeviceLock Endpoint Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Suite stops them in their tracks. It enforces data protection policies with awareness of both the context and content of data flows across endpoint channels where leaks can otherwise occur.

Integrates Seamlessly with Active Directory

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The ability to analyze the content of data streams is considered the defining feature of a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution – IT security administrators can selectively analyze content relevant to its context at the local endpoint with security settings managed from DeviceLock’s MMC-based Active Directory Group Policy Objects.


Address the many undercontrolled input/output channels and data leakage scenarios at endpoint computers, the DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite also provides contextual control and content filtering of the data objects that commonly comprise inbound and outbound network traffic on the PC.

DeviceLock Observation Mode

DeviceLock is often used at first to collect an audit record of the data objects that end users are moving to removable media, DVD/CD-ROMs, PDAs, through Wi-Fi, and via web email, web forms etc. DeviceLock audit/shadow records are useful in determining the current level of non-compliance exposure and can be used to provide a non-reputable audit trail for compliance officials. When a leak is discovered or even suspected, DeviceLock provides tools to capture and forensically view objects and associated logs for use as evidence or for corrective policy action.

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DeviceLock Testimonial

“We found DeviceLock to be the most cost-effective solution for endpoint device management after months of product evaluation. It has proven itself to be one of the biggest ‘bangs for the buck’ in our arsenal of information security controls.”

David Gardner, University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System

“Since 2005 the City of London Police have been successfully using Devicelock to manage device security across the enterprise. This has provided central access control for device management and audit control of information being transferred to and from the secure environment onto portable media. Robust monitoring has been developed using Devicelock and this provides me with a high degree of confidence in the security of our information.”

Gary Brailsford, City of London Police