Mobile Devices have become the norm in education and is growing in corporate world.  While IT is tasked with many aspects of the management of security and maintenance of mobile devices, ultimately what content is delivered and app usage can shape the usefulness, liability and productivity of these devices. Yes – it’s possible to control what apps are available and when!

Get the tools and know-how to manage mobile devices.
Mobile application management for students
A unique aspect of managing mobile devices is mobile application management, or MAM, which focuses on the management of mobile apps — from development to deployment. This approach gives teachers the ability to roll out apps to students, and monitor their use.

Benefits of MDM

  • Simplify mobile-device management
  • Ensure safety and effectiveness of mobile learning programs
  • Easily manage policies with a hierarchical structure that works the way schools work
  • Give teachers the ability to roll out apps to students and monitor student use
  • Inventory mobile devices and installed software
  • Manage updates and installs from a central location
  • Quickly identify devices that have violated AUPs
Anywhere/anytime filtering
Ensure safe and successful mobile learning with anytime/anywhere mobile device filtering. Whether you have a 1:1 technology initiative or a handful of mobile devices, mobile filtering is a key to the safety of your users, the security of your devices, and the success of your mobile learning program. We can help you through the process of deciding.

Mobile device management Testimonials

“Mobile Device Management lets us easily and effectively manages the iPads distributed throughout the district – with a focus on student safety and maximizing the learning potential of these devices.”

Henry Danielson, Director of Technology, Coast Unified School District