We needed something simple, fast and affordable. Originally we were introduced to ESET by BorderLAN Network Security just prior to making our test pilot. We are glad we found out about ESET, as it exceeded our requirements and impressed us further with their technical support and helpfulness. We receive periodic calls from BorderLAN to check up on our satisfaction, and are happy to report this was a tremendous success. Scott Crothers, IT Directory, West Des Moines Schools

To read more about West Des Moines Schools test pilot, click here.

When I arrived in Socorro in July 2008, the technology facilities were archaic, at best. As I grew the district, BorderLAN was there to help me. In my short tenure, we went from 3Mbps to 100Mbps of bandwidth. We grew from 500 desktop computers to over 1,300 devices (plus several hundred Nooks and Kindles), all operating on our network and new guest wireless Internet. We added VoIP, classroom Interactive projectors and systems, and lots of web-based services and applications. As successful as we were, we could not have done this without BorderLAN's support. Thank you for all that you have done for Socorro, and for what you will continue to do." Vernon Smith, Technology Director, and Chairperson of New Mexico Council on Technology in Education.

“BorderLAN regularly review our needs to ensure we have the best solutions in place. BorderLAN is always responsive and pleasant to deal with” Patrick Keeling, Director Information Services

"BorderLAN provided us the best possible instant recovery on our critical servers. Being in Florida, hurricanes are a common occurrence, but now I have peace of mind with BorderLAN providing ArchiveAway backup offsite. BorderLAN came on-site to ensure proper functionality, testing and a successful project. We a appreciate all the help and multiple product support we've seen from BorderLAN with our critical network security needs." Alan Rosier, Director of Technology Services, Wakulla County School Board.

This past July, I once again found myself in the same frustrating predicament, not having received ANY ongoing service notification from a previous software purchase, yet BorderLAN jumped in and helped even though they did not originally sell me any product. When I did not receive my renewal license number, it was BorderLAN who contacted the vendor to determine what the delay might be and, later, BorderLAN did purchase and provide the license to me. When I did not know how to setup my maintenance scheduled for my purchase, it was, again, BorderLAN who steered me to the solution. BorderLAN has continued to check with me every month or so just to see if I am doing alright with my software and if there is anything else that they can do to help me. Truly, I cant tell you how much it means to me to know that BorderLAN is watching out for my needs. Their caring and knowledgeable manner in handling my account and questions is VERY reassuring. There have been very few Customer Service Representative of ANY company with whom I have done business as helpful as BorderLAN." Jerry Gidean, Computer Department Chair, Fredericksburg Christian High School.

"I have really had a great experience working with Alec and the BorderLAN team who have done a great job quickly and efficiently. They are always quick with quotes and answers to our questions. They are also eager to help out with troubleshooting when we need it. " Martha McMahon, Technology Coordinator & Computer Science Teacher, John Burroughs School


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