The BorderLAN Philosophy

BorderLAN carries products that are known to be the best at what they do. In the vast field of Internet Security, BorderLAN offers researches, compare industry products and represents products with proven results.

We provide expert level consulting and service. We strive to select products that are in line with budget demands while providing the best functionality, compliance and performance.

Virtualize Your Office

Office Virtualization is designed to create a virtual infrastructure of your data files and the end-user applications in use so the bulk of virtualized computers will not need to load any application or hold any data. The primary purpose of office virtualization is to centralize and simplify your data and your program maintenance, while allowing use of less powerful computers, tablets, iphones, ipads and more to run otherwise impossible executables and data files. Learn More →

Email Encryption For Business

Whether it is customer data, partner data or intellectual property, no industry is exempt from the need to maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive information. In addition, no industry can deny that email continues to be the preferred application driving business communication. Based on these factors, it is no surprise then to see the increase in government regulations calling for the need to encrypt sensitive information in email. Learn More →