Bring Your Own Device and Email Security


BorderLAN announces availability of mobile applications and solutions for bring your own device (BYOD) challenged organizations. The announcement focuses primarily on securing email on mobile devices.

logo-300BorderLAN Inc., a provider of network security solutions, announced today the availability of a new mobile app for businesses allowing easy access to secure email. With a simple per user pricing model, a user can now utilize email in a secure manner and reduce the exposure of sending and storing confidential information on a mobile phone. Data such as email residing on a mobile device can be detrimental in the event of a theft, loss or hack. In fact mobile device OS’s are just now getting the full attention of the hacking community as they realize the value of the data on the mobile devices.

“The BorderLAN announcement is to ensure our customers know we are diligently partnering and reviewing solutions to ensure data security and compliant technologies.” said Craig Smith, President of BorderLAN Inc., Smith goes on to explain the importance of BYOD – “Mobile computing is projected to be one of the fastest growing market segments in 2013 – 2016. Our preparation for helping customers focus reducing legal liability to corporations for having data like PHI, HIPAA and more on a mobile device, while simultaneously avoiding the liability that would normally come with corporate monitoring of an end user device.”

The app available for email security shows a user simple pin key entry, followed by access to the secure hosted email. In this way nothing is on the device and sending can be entirely secure delivery with a 3rd party encrypted mail service. Smith Continued “According to what we’ve read from Gartner Research in April 2013, 38% of companies plan to stop providing mobile devices entirely to end users by 2016. The primary reason for this elimination of devices is liability. BYOD often takes the place of corporate phones, but are even less secure as they are not monitored or managed. We at BorderLAN feel we can finally have the convenience of mobility while maintaining security.”

BorderLAN Network Security sees a steady increase of the use of mobile devices, both corporate owned and private over the next three years. The ability to secure these mobile devices will empower companies to finally use the mobile technologies for convenience and customer service in a way never before seen.

For more information on Bring Your Own Device For Secure Email – Click Here.

Kentucky Retirement Systems – Protection is Paramount


Kentucky Retirement Systems proactive in its approach to email encryption.

When you offer both health insurance and retirement related financial services to more than 300,000 members, ensuring their personal information is protected is the highest priority.

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) takes this goal very seriously. It has put in place rigorous data protection policies at all levels of operation.
– Mike Burnside, Executive Director, Kentucky Retirement Systems

“We are fully committed to securing every member’s personal information,” said Mike Burnside, KRS’ Executive Director. “We’re proactive about protecting this type of data and try to go above and beyond what’s expected. It’s the right thing to do. Our Board of Trustees is also actively involved in ensuring the protection of our members’ information.”

KRS is the public pension system for almost all of Kentucky’s government and public employees, with close to 1,400 employers paying into the
retirement fund. For members who are 65 and older, it’s also a self-funded health insurance entity covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Early need for encrypted email “Early on we identified email as an area that needed to be addressed,” said Mark McChesney, KRS’s Information Security Officer. “People appropriately talk about social networking sites being dangerous in terms of security, but the critical application for us is email because it’s simple to use. Email is the way people communicate, and it’s an easy way to inadvertently expose data. There’s lots of opportunity for bad things to happen with unsecured email. Email is certainly something you should be encrypting.”

KRS carefully researched email encryption solutions and chose Zix Corporation (ZixCorp). “Probably one of the most significant changes and improvements
in our infrastructure has been the addition of the secure email solution,” McChesney said. “The biggest point of exposure we’ve had, whether it has “We are fully committed to securing every member’s personal information.”

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