The National Banks of Central Texas honor their promise


A Tradition of Security

For more than a century, The National Banks of Central Texas have been helping customers build their financial security. Now they’re helping protect their sensitive financial and personal data online as well.“We are very aware of our customers’ privacy and were determined it wouldn’t be breached, especially in this day and age of identity theft,” said Barry Birchard, the banks’ Information Security Officer. “That’s why we chose Zix Corporation for our email encryption solution.”

With close to 30,000 customers — a significant number of them overseas on active military duty — The National Banks of Central Texas felt it was imperative they provide a top-notch level of security that would make their customers feel at ease when conducting online transactions from such far-flung postings as Afghanistan and Germany or as close to home as Copperas Cove or Gatesville, Texas.

“Having ZixCorp Email Encryption Services in place was a way we could guarantee our customers’ confidential information was protected,” said Birchard. “Before we implemented this solution, we were getting privacy questions from customers all the time. Now they can see right away that our email is encrypted and that makes them feel safer. They also like that they can ask us questions about their accounts by sending us a secure email themselves.”Birchard set up specific criteria that encrypt such personal data as account information, loan and mortgage applications, and Social Security numbers. “Anything of a sensitive nature is automatically encrypted,” he said.

Birchard says the ZixCorp® solution is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. “The ZixCorp solution is a workhorse that keeps plugging away. I don’t have to do anything with it. I can set it and forget it, because it’s so reliable,” he said. “And when you’re a network administrator, you’re very grateful for that.”

Justice FCU relies on Zix Corporation


Email Security for America’s Protectors

When you’re in the business of guarding the financial concerns of the people responsible for protecting America, you want to make sure their personal data is safe.

That’s why Justice Federal Credit Union chose Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) for their email encryption solution.

Justice FCU is the premier provider of financial services to employees of the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. It also offers membership to those working for state and local law enforcement organizations. With assets of approximately $438 million, it pledges to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to protect their members’ personal privacy. Every single employee, from mortgage specialists to marketing staff, uses ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services to send secure messages to members and business partners.

“With the alarming rate of identity theft in the United States, email encryption is crucial for the protection of our members’ personal information,” said Rifat Ikram, Justice FCU’s Vice President, Electronic Delivery and Support Services. ”We chose ZixCorp Email Encryption Services because of its superior reputation.”

Another key factor in selecting ZixCorp Email Encryption Services was that the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) agencies have implemented it, says Ikram. “If they’ve done their homework and have chosen ZixCorp, it makes it easier for credit unions encryption solution. If the ZixCorp solution is good enough for the FFIEC, it’s a no-brainer that it would be the right choice for us.”

An Rx for Email Encryption


Daughters of Charity Health System chooses Zix Corporation

For more than 150 years, the Daughters of Charity have been unwavering in their mission to treat the sick and the poor in California with compassion, respect and sensitivity.

That mission lives on in the Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS), formed in 2002. With its network of six hospitals and medical centers along the coast of California, DCHS provides its patients with top-notch healthcare.

“As a Catholic organization, we offer holistic, spiritually-centered care,” said Michael Day, DCHS’ Director of Information Technology. “We believe in treating the body, mind and spirit, and we have some of the best physicians and nurses in the state to help us achieve our goal.”

DCHS’ commitment to its patients extends beyond medical treatment. It has also taken steps to ensure all protected health information (PHI) exchanged via email is safeguarded. “The security of PHI is very important,” said Day, “Not only from a regulatory standpoint enforced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act but because our patients and staff need to have that confidence in us.” Not satisfied with the email encryption solution they were using, DCHS switched to ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services.

“With our old solution, we were concerned we were at risk of not properly protecting our patients’ sensitive data or other important business information,” said Day. “It was also a massive challenge to administer the whole process from installation through mailbox management, information tracking and overall maintenance. We needed a more efficient and thorough process.”

Day liked what Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) had to offer because of its ease of use and excellent reputation as the leading email encryption solution for healthcare organizations. “It was simple to set up, fast to deploy and transparent to use,” he said. “It has a better hit rate of encrypting messages than our previous solution. ZixCorp services detect PHI and other sensitive information and ensure messages are secured before delivery.”

Chisago County says yes to Zix Corporation for email encryption


Counting on Security

When you’re one of the fastest growing counties in the state – and even in the country – it’s imperative that you promise your residents the best, most reliable and secure processing of their precious information.That’s why Chisago County of Minnesota chose Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) to provide an email encryption solution to safeguard against identity theft.

“We wanted an encrypted email solution that was simple, easy and effective,” said Jon Eckel, Chisago County’s Director of Management of Information and Communications Systems. “That is exactly what we found in the ZixCorp service.”

Chisago County, known for its great natural beauty and recreational opportunities, is one of the top population growth centers in Minnesota and in the top 100 in the United States.

Eckel says the county quickly recognized the need to upgrade its email security in order to protect private data of both its citizens and businesses. With a growing and valid concern about identity theft, it only made sense to implement an email encryption solution that could secure sensitive data.

“Prior to ZixCorp Email Encryption Services, there was absolutely no use of email allowed for anything remotely confidential,” said Eckel. “Now we can exchange information via email easily and securely.”

For Chisago County, the fact that ZixCorp is a top choice for government agencies at all levels was the number one selling point. “Because their email encryption service is so widely used by federal and state government agencies, as well as other counties, it made us feel comfortable that we were doing the right thing by implementing the ZixCorp solution,” said Eckel. “When you’re exchanging email containing highly confidential information, you want to make sure you’re working with a solution you can trust.”

Kentucky Retirement Systems – Protection is Paramount


Kentucky Retirement Systems proactive in its approach to email encryption.

When you offer both health insurance and retirement related financial services to more than 300,000 members, ensuring their personal information is protected is the highest priority.

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) takes this goal very seriously. It has put in place rigorous data protection policies at all levels of operation.
– Mike Burnside, Executive Director, Kentucky Retirement Systems

“We are fully committed to securing every member’s personal information,” said Mike Burnside, KRS’ Executive Director. “We’re proactive about protecting this type of data and try to go above and beyond what’s expected. It’s the right thing to do. Our Board of Trustees is also actively involved in ensuring the protection of our members’ information.”

KRS is the public pension system for almost all of Kentucky’s government and public employees, with close to 1,400 employers paying into the
retirement fund. For members who are 65 and older, it’s also a self-funded health insurance entity covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Early need for encrypted email “Early on we identified email as an area that needed to be addressed,” said Mark McChesney, KRS’s Information Security Officer. “People appropriately talk about social networking sites being dangerous in terms of security, but the critical application for us is email because it’s simple to use. Email is the way people communicate, and it’s an easy way to inadvertently expose data. There’s lots of opportunity for bad things to happen with unsecured email. Email is certainly something you should be encrypting.”

KRS carefully researched email encryption solutions and chose Zix Corporation (ZixCorp). “Probably one of the most significant changes and improvements
in our infrastructure has been the addition of the secure email solution,” McChesney said. “The biggest point of exposure we’ve had, whether it has “We are fully committed to securing every member’s personal information.”

Bank Rhode Island looks to Zix Corporation for email encryption


When Bank Rhode Island was looking for an email encryption service for communicating with customers and business partners, it turned to Zix Corporation (ZixCorp) for the answer.

“I wanted an encryption solution targeted to the financial services market that needed very little investment in human capital and resources to set it up and minimal maintenance after that. Ease of use and ease of installation were key,” said Don Morash, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Bank Rhode Island. “That’s what ZixCorp delivered.”The fact that the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) agencies rely on ZixCorp for their email encryption was icing on the cake.

“What sold me was that ZixCorp has the federal regulators as customers,” said Morash. “If they’ve chosen ZixCorp, then obviously their email encryption service really works.”

Bank Rhode Island, founded in 1996, is a full-service financial institution with 16 branches across the state. With $1.5 billion in assets and 270 employees, it’s a mid-sized bank with a business focus priding itself on meticulous customer service. “We’re a community bank that really understands our clientele,” said Morash. “And in terms of protecting their information, we err on the side of caution.”ZixCorp®

Email Encryption Services allow the bank to leverage the efficiency of email communication while ensuring the appropriate controls to protect sensitive information as it’s in transit. “With this solution, we can permit electronic exchange of data, because we know it’s secure,” said Morash.

“If everybody were using the ZixCorp solution – if it became the world standard for email encryption – that would be great,” said Morash. “Then nobody would have to worry about whether their email is secure.”

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