Work anytime, anywhere and scale without sacrificing efficiency or security
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Finally a Cloud Drive with Security and Backup

Threat Detection and Management

Detects ransomware infection, quarantines the source, notifies an administrator, and quickly reverts files to a clean state.

Sophisticated Administrative Controls

Give proper access to the right users with customizable user and group configurations and policy controls.

Multi-tenant Management

Track client teams and storage with centralized management and reliable configurations

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy in the cloud or as a hybrid server solution to optimize performance without compromising convenience.

A new kind of workplace

The cloud drive is your employee’s new hard-drive.  If nothing is on the computer or mobile phone there is less data-loss, less ransomware, more security.  Our monthly service will snapshot your employee’s data just in case.  When there is an event or lost computer, you have  Rollback Peace of Mind.

Did you know?

Microsoft takes no responsibility for data-loss. The Shared Responsibility Model was created by Microsoft to outline who is responsible for data in different scenarios of data loss. End users are responsible for data security and data loss so it becomes imperative with remote workers to get someone to setup your secure cloud drive and help you manage it.

Cloud Features

Complete File Sync and Share

Synchronize files across platforms, including mobile devices

Keep the files in the Cloud and off your computers

File name and structure shows and file downloads / uploads when opened or saved

Anywhere – Anytime access

Using the Cloud you see everything you have access to from any device

Collaboration Platform

Share and work together in a document’s native file format

Remote wipe of data

Alleviate employee turnover worries by remotely wiping data

Security and multi-factor access

Enable protections on your data and who can see it

Our Service is a Backup for your employees files and your corporate backups

As more businesses migrate to the cloud and have mobile or remote workforces, a SaaS backup becomes essential to keep them connected and secure. Restore any file or folder anytime.  The protection helps keep ransomware from doing damage and keeps data accessible.

According to a study by The Aberdeen Group on data loss in the cloud –

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