Firewall Configuration and Monitoring

Installation. Configuration. Training. Monitoring.

The Importance of Firewall Configuration

Hackers are always on the lookout for methods of circumventing known vulnerabilities. Firewalls can serve a vital role in the process of defending a network by seeing logs, applying counter defense policies and updates combined with staying on top of new releases and updates. To stay ahead of cybercriminals, someone needs to monitor the firewall and add policies weekly. BorderLAN can help your organization make the most of your firewall.

We Train You

Teaching you how to become an expert with your equipment is vital to success. BorderLAN offers pre-paid training hours usable anytime for new IT staff or refresher questions.

We Install It

Adding advanced policies can make all the difference. BorderLAN works with an IT team to ensure the existing network/policies are transferred along with making recommendations to rebuild and add new effective policies.

We Monitor It

Most IT staff indicate they don’t have the training, time, or staff to perform the essential duty. BorderLAN can train employees or even perform the service with weekly checkups for a flat monthly fee.

Why Firewalls need Advanced Installation Assistance

New Firewalls have features capable of defending advanced network threats yet are rarely set up properly due to a lack of knowledge.  The best method is to allow BorderLAN to evaluate your current policies, develop a swap of our plan, and with the installation, help train and onboard the IT staff.


Firewalls can be a trove of valuable information providing weekly data showing how hackers are attacking.  Simple weekly tasks can add additional layers thereby constantly hardening the firewall.  BorderLAN can help monitor your firewall if IT staff lacks resources or in the event of turnover.

Monitoring your Firewall can make all the difference

Who will be monitoring and making weekly changes to your firewall?  Ongoing Monitoring and Security changes is an added feature that allows BorderLAN to manage your Firewall and tune it.  These tuning services include daily monitoring via notifications, weekly logins, and log / alert analysis, new policy changes, and firewall backup and help.


Starting at an affordable monthly rate, Firewall monitoring and tuning is a no-brainer for organizations that find themselves unable to allocate time and training resources to use a Firewall to its fullest capacity.  Firewalls are not set and forget devices, and BorderLAN looks forward to helping you get the most out of your investment.

Pricing Options

BorderLAN can analyze your existing firewall, port over configurations to a new firewall, and can add additional policies and configuration changes to bring the firewall up to current standards. Priced per day, installation and configuration usually only takes a few days and is an affordable way to add a significant layer of defense to your network, all done by a firewall professional. For training, installation, configuration, or monitoring, please fill out the form below and we can provide you with a quote.