Choosing who’s got your back

BorderLAN represents the top five backup manufacturers.  We help you evaluation the custom need you have an recommend options and solutions for your individual situation.  Our approach results in successful projects and working monitored solutions that can recover should they be needed.

Don’t renew your antiquated solution!

Higher IT spend on cloud or hybrid environments with “next-gen hardware” gives the illusion that someone must be securing your Data.  There simply are not enough people to adequately monitor, scan, and protect.   This upcoming year 2022, corporate security knowledge is predicted to be over-burdened resulting in missed cyber theft.  Roughly 60% of Security Analyst job postings on LinkedIn have no applicants. Simply put, there are not enough trained people to do the job!

What BorderLAN Provides

Workstation to cloud direct

Hybrid on-prem + Cloud

Monthly Managed Backup Verification

Consulting, Evaluations and Support

Office 365 Backup

All Cloud Backup

Server Backup

Innovative Partners

We partner with dozens of specialized innovative manufacturers the leading technology

BorderLAN can test your backups for you

As an option, we can add an affordable backup management service to periodically check your backups, perform tests and restores to help ensure uptime when critical events occur