Web Filtering

BorderLAN supplies student safety and web filtering to thousands of school districts, with on-prem, cloud, learning tools, chrome book support and more.

24/7 Monitoring & MDR

Hackers will find a way in.  We help quarantine threats, remediate, notify and respond with a partnership of data-analysts, tools and automation.

Backup & Ransomware recovery

BorderLAN helps refresh your backup with cloud or on-site hybrid solutions.  Includes ransomware roll-back, and direct to cloud backup regardless of location.

Firewall / Email Security

We install and monitor firewalls, and migrate you to the latest technology.  Our email security trains employees on phishing and prevents malware.

Need someone to manage your cyber security?

We can help!  We can train your employees, manage firewalls, AV, and can even monitor your network 24/7.

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BorderLAN is your partner in cybersecurity

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Has a Cyber Criminal tricked your employee into clicking a link?

Email threats are becoming more dangerous.  They now appear as an valid business emails to an unsuspecting employee.  One click can start a chain reaction of infection and breach. See if your employees are compromised with our scan

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Curious if your employee passwords are for sale on Dark Web?

BorderLAN can scan the dark web at no charge helping identify who is at risk

Dark web scan report will be presented to your organization along with recommendations to better secure and protect.


Which vendors have a low security score?

Vendors can put your companies data at risk. BorderLAN can scan to see which vendors need improvement

Companies need to know the people they do business with are secure and monitor them monthly. BorderLAN can help!


Office 365 may have active dangerous phishing attacks. Want to find out?

You can safely enter your credentials and scan your domain or email

We're certain if you test your defenses you can identify the people, the methods and make adjustments with BorderLAN to help secure your network.

Need help monitoring your network 24/7?

All-hours human engagement with advanced quarantine tools are required for success. BorderLAN helps you choose a 24/7 SOC2 Data Analyst service.

Cyber threats after-hours are on the rise. State sponsored actors and cyber criminals can find credentials online and probe networks to see if remote connections are allowed.  These valid credentials are often the result of one employee clicking a phishing email. Once inside the slow process of extracting data, loading worms and ransomware begins.  The crescendo of the attack is usually ransomware, but at that point it’s too late.  Protect your organization by having a team who watches your network 24/7, provides your IT with data analysis, alerts and after hours quarantines of a suspect computer.

If a threat is happening, your IT may not have visibility or knowledge of an active threat.  With monitoring services, you can get immediate actions on your behalf by elite threat hunters for direct response on your behalf 24/7/365.  With advanced tools including SIEM, IDS and end-point MDR, trained human data-analysts work tirelessly to watch your network from a certified SOC-2 facility.

The threat hunter service can be monthly and provides all hours monitoring for your network, including providing responsive actions like quarantining an at risk device.  False positives are low and effectiveness and speed as intelligence is fed to the onsite IT team. If approved, actions can be taken by the analyists to prevent contamination and quarantine individual devices.  The result improves uptime while mitigating individual threats.  This partnership offers affordable defense and teaches IT through recommendations how to tune the security of networks and stay ahead of the cyber threat curve.

Data Analysist are hard to find, difficult to afford, and very hard to keep.  Unfilled cyber positions in the US surpassed 2Million in 2020.  There simply are not enough trained people to fill the positions.  Running a 24/7 team as many compliance initiatives now mandate can exceed 800,000 annually plus tools and facility costs.  BorderLAN can provide a simple affordable monthly service for organizations that is a small fraction of the cost of do-it-yourself.  Give us a call to find out just how little it is to protect yourself and add hired 24/7 guards for your organization

Track student and employee application usage and engagement

Need more affordable Cyber Security licenses?

Let us sharpen our pencil.  We work with dozens of manufacturers and can work on custom payment plans and contract buy-outs to make switching to an effective solution more affordable.

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