Penetration Testing

Know your weak points. Get Compliant

Certified Testers

BorderLAN brings in the best-certified security testers who perform a myriad of penetration tests on a yearly basis across a variety of industries and organizations of all sizes.  Our Penetration testing partners look to testing compliance mandates, addressing network weaknesses, and uses the latest tactics to emulate what attackers will do to a network.


Risk identification

Validation of internal and/or external security controls

Prioritization of remediation efforts

Satisfies compliance needs, including HIPAA, SEC, NYCRR, PCI 3.x.

“If you’re performing Penetration Testing infrequently or have commissioned a large scope of work, keep in mind the requirements of the “post-test” phase. Often, the report will describe remediation measures that could take considerable time and money to implement. Avoid the temptation to just file away the reports that specify challenging or time-consuming remediation.” - Gartner

Pen Testing Methodology

Our certified security testers use a simple methodology to prepare for and perform the test


What you can finally answer?

What are my most critical security gaps that could be exploited?

How would my prevention and detection capabilities stand up to the latest threat tactics?

What methods would an attacker use to bypass my security controls?

Are my IT Admins and security personnel making good choices?

If a user or system is compromised, how will the rest of the network withstand the attacker?

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