4g/5G Backup Internet

Internet – Even when your ISP screws up

With nearly all communication using the internet, an internet outage costs both money, customers and productivity. BorderLAN can assist in high-speed LTE failover. We have the experience and tools for every environment to set it up and ensure your remote sites, remote employees and your business stays up and running.

Did you know SD-WAN doesn’t have to be expensive?

Cellular internet doesn’t have to be slow or expensive! Pairing the right equipment with the right plan, you can have backup internet for less than adding a second wired ISP. We’ve assisted both small restaurants and first responders with reliable network connections. Don’t rule out LTE until you’ve talked to us!

What BorderLAN provides

All Cloud Management

  Zero-Touch Deployments

 Consolidated View of Data Consumption

 Assistance Getting Correct Failover Plan

 Static IP’s on Cellular Plans

 Full Deployment Assistance

 Internet Anywhere!

Call us before you VoIP phone or credit card terminal gets disconnected

Ready to get your Demonstration and Evaluation?

Email threats via the untrained employees clicking on well-crafted threat emails constitute the greatest threat to network security. One simple click can bring a network down and cause a chain reaction of the breach, loss, fines, and worse.  A simple training with affordable pricing of $2.00 per employee per month can make all the difference.  Our training can be customized, and the programs are simple self-paced.  Fill out your information below for a quote, customer references, demonstration, and evaluation.