Free Security Rating with Customized Report

Get your organization’s Security Rating and see how your security compares to industry benchmarks. Monitor your company and your key vendors who manage your data.

Do you need Security Rating Snapshot Service?

Security ratings are data-driven containing periodic key measurements of an organization’s cybersecurity defense.,  We use a cloud service to provide the most widely used rating solution on the market. Rating scoring is proven to correlate with the risk of the data breach.


The Security Rating Snapshot is a customized report that features your overall security rating and shows you how you benchmark against your peers in 20 major risk categories, including:

Botnet Infections

Spam Propagation

Malware Servers

Open Ports

Patching Cadence

File Sharing

Reduce Cyber Risk

Security ratings let you reduce risk with actionable insights and continuous tracking of your improvements.

Operate More Efficiently

With continuous, contextual insights into specific risk vectors, you can focus your efforts on the right risks at the right time.

Protect Your Reputation

Measurably reduce your risk of a data breach and communicate your improved performance to partners, customers, and insurers.

Improve Reporting 

Use the world’s most widely accepted security ratings to improve communication and align teams around cyber risk.

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