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Cyber Security Specialists

A Trusted Cyber Advisor

BorderLAN, Inc., founded in 1997, is a large cybersecurity provider to over 1,000 school districts and hundreds of cities and businesses nationwide protecting over 3 million computers. BorderLAN researches industry-defining manufacturers and presents the  best suited options to their customers with the intent to help remove blind spots and provide 24/7 protection in effective and affordable ways.

Help Choosing the Right Product

BorderLAN consults with customers to solve cyber security challenges and bring together engineers and manufacturer specialists to demonstrate product options, and propose budget-friendly payment options.

Help Implementing and Training

BorderLAN provides services to install and have a complete and successful deployment of IT related solutions.  Post-installation training and manufacturer support helps customers with customization.

Monitor Your Product and Satisfaction

Some customers are too busy to dedicate IT resources on needed Cyber duties.  BorderLAN can provide managed services and provide monthly checkups and concierge service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Top Cyber Initiatives

Remote workforce demands and COVID has created a perfect storm for understaffed and budget constrained IT teams.  Security has been sacrificed for convenience and cyber criminals have taken notice.  In 2020 there is a 3 fold increase in Advanced Phishing attacks far more complex than simple SPAM.  These emails contain information specific to the employee who receives it and can be something as simple as an “amazon gift card” or a “tag” notice from social media. It only takes one employee to make the mistake of clicking a link to start the breach process.

Organizations must adopt 24/7 managed detection response where human analysts can assist, quarantine, and notify in order to prepare for the cyber criminal wave that is coming. By 2022 the Cyber Criminals will have siphoned off 6 Trillion dollars.  Hackers have learned how to penetrate older and unmanaged firewalls and taking advantage of poorly controlled VPN without multi-factor tools. Even schools moving to Chrome and remote hybrid learning now require new tools to safeguard children.

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Craig Smith

As a 25-year cybersecurity veteran, Craig supplies upper management and vision to BorderLAN.

Director of Security Services
Logan Harman

Logan oversees technical teams and works to ensure customers have proper configuration and full use of the products and services provided.

Diane Rogers

Diane manages the accounting, and customer billing experience. She helps customers with licensing information, notices, tax information, and more.

Customer Concierge
Danielle Williams

Danielle handles public RFP's and helps as a liaison for customers to drive 100% customer satisfaction

Innovative Partners

BorderLAN partners with innovative cyber-defense manufacturers that help customers solve IT challenges effectively and affordably.