Layered Security vs Single Provider

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Layered Security vs Single Provider

A Layered Security approach implies that multiple specialty products can together defend better than an all-in-one security provider.  All-in-one provider may save precious budget and provide a sense of simplicity and confidence.  The pitfalls of one solution comes when individual computers begin receiving attacks.

Jack of all traits - master of none

Cybersecurity is a complicated business. The moving parts of just a firewall alone and the maintenance required to properly defend and keep up with attacks can be dizzying.  Added to that are the complexities of Web Security, email phishing, backup, VPN, 2-factor, CRM, O365, and countless servers, computers and phones to maintain.  One beneficial practice is to recognize the complexity and to partner with individual technologies and firms like BorderLAN who help by introducing specialists for each cyber security category.  The result is the best possible cyber care.  Outsourcing everything to one provider or solutions that can “do it all” places significant risk on an organization as those technology firms do not place as much R&D into the collective product as would the sum of all specialty products.

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