Vulnerability Management

While digital transformation opens up a world of opportunities, the cyber-attack surface must now be defended

Organizations of all sizes have embraced digital and cloud transformation for efficiency and cost.  Remote working, personal devices, cloud, SaaS have compounded the threat to IT teams to keep data secure.  Access from anywhere is not part of our mutual future. But with the convenience, there are much higher risks.  The truth is, there are not enough IT analysts to even defend networks.  The after-hours attacks will relentlessly probe networks to find their weak points and will work their way into a network.  There are now 10 billion IoT devices deployed in the enterprise and over 90% of organizations have applications running in the cloud today.  Manage your vulnerability by having BorderLAN deploy Tenable, a leading global tool to know what to focus on.

Our Customers no matter how large or small can answer five questions at all times:

 Where are we exposed?

  What should we Patch to avoid vulnerability

  Where should we prioritize based on risk?

  Are we reducing our exposure over time?

  How do we compare to our peers?

Case Study

Sentara Healthcare


Vulnerability Prioritization: The key to security when lives are on the line

Sentara isn’t just Virginia’s largest health system. It’s also the state’s 4th largest employer and a multibillion-dollar business.  Sentara’s cybersecurity team oversees an attack surface continuously in flux. IT and OT assets connect into a bustling network serving clinicians, administrators, vendors – and, of course, patients.  If a system goes down, the potential consequences are dire. It could mean an emergency room shutdown – or a 5-minute ambulance dash turning into a 20-minute journey.

Being able to prioritize what we work on in terms of vulnerabilities and threats is crucial. There’s this constant churn of awareness and stress over deciding ‘well, what do we patch first?’

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