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Cybercriminals attack employees with phishing emails and drive-by web links.  One-click can infect, copy passwords, and begin a process of breach and data loss.  Checking a personal email or not updating OS patches can leave these remote computers vulnerable.  BorderLAN supplies our customers with a simple and affordable cloud subscription that allows IT managers to connect anywhere and anytime to patch, scan, fix and manage.

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Your IT security is key to the health of your business. We'll make sure yours is up to the challenge with a free, company risk checkup.

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Secure and Control Devices EVERYWHERE!

Manage your devices, see the security risks by apps, activity, and fix the Risk! Remote computers, employees working from home can be your greatest threat.

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We consult with you to choose the right solution for your organization matching the budget.  Keep your business strong with a security checkup.

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