Full Managed Detection and Response 24/7

Detect. Quarantine. Prevent.

Why do you need to MDR with Quarantine ?

Compliance and security directives indicate a Full MDR may be the only method to outpace the advanced hackers and stay good with regulators.  Most networks without 24/7 teams and the tools to analyze the data can put at risk company data, customer information.  Right now being compliant does not mean being secure. Networks need to be quarantined as the threat is happening rather than IT receiving nice reports of what was lost when the IT team was asleep.

The perfect cyber storm is forming

  Threats are highly advanced attacks that fool employees into clicking

  Credentials from unsuspecting employees cause deeper hacker access

  Employees are untrained

  Remote workers cause further disparate network and un-monitored end-points.

  Global cybercrime exceeding 4 Trillion

  Nation States are now cybercriminals.

  Cloud convenience drives data further from monitoring and protection.

IT Staff is in short supply and untrained

Higher IT spend on cloud or hybrid environments with “next-gen hardware” gives the illusion that someone must be securing your Data.  There simply are not enough people to adequately monitor, scan, and protect.   This upcoming year 2022, corporate security knowledge is predicted to be over-burdened resulting in missed cyber theft.  Roughly 60% of Security Analyst job postings on LinkedIn have no applicants. Simply put, there are not enough trained people to do the job!

Why do you need to MDR with Quarantine?

Trends are point to 24/7 MDR as the critical component of cybersecurity.  We can partner to provide you with data analysts who perform True Full MDR and 24/7 Monitoring using best in class technology with human capital.  Watching your corporate assets gives you 24/7 visibility across all attack surfaces.  Attacks can be quarantined and the analyst works with your IT team to enhance their effectiveness to fix the problem.

Here’s how it works

Minimize risk of business disruption – Quarantining computers under attack keeps you going before it spreads.

Increased security response times- Time from Raw Data inputs to threat containment and remediation, 20m:00s

Relentlessly research and pursue threat actors – We hunt for all anomalies and bad actors 24/7

We know where the threat is coming from – employing Raw Data Endpoint telemetry, Security log data, Bandwidth usage, Running processes

We provide statistics and root cause analysis – We work with the IT team to surface real issues and help resolve

Reduce threat actor dwell time – We can see them and stop the hackers

Did you know?

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world. There are no rules in this well-established cybercrime economy which is costing the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Its affordable

Do it yourself 24/7 with data analysts would exceed 1M per year. We can do it for a few thousand a month covering all hours, and work with your existing IT staff. The addition of 24/7 MDR can supercharge your cybersecurity and provide cost effective protection to keep you out of the news and the breach business.

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