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Electronic credentials, such as login ID and passcodes, link you and your employees to vital business applications, as well as services online. Regretfully, cyber outlaws are aware of this and target the most untrained employees often accessing the keys to the corporate network. BorderLAN can scan the dark web to monitor your employees and let you know which ones are at risk of malware or attacks.


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Firewalls are a powerful defense to assist in cybersecurity if properly managed.  Unfortunately, few review the logs and make edits to adjust and constantly tune their device making it easy for hackers to circumvent.  BorderLAN can refresh your firewall with the latest technology, install with migration, and setup security profiles.  As an option BorderLAN can monitor and continuously manage your firewall to keep you safe.


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Email is the easiest point of entry for a cybercriminal.  Employees are generally not trained and will click on emails that appear to be valid.  These clicks can launch malware the slowly removes data causing breaches, followed by the spreading of a virus, ransomware, and future attacks. BorderLAN can help you integrate additional security to your 0ffice 365.  Our portfolio of solutions can prevent reduce email phishing, train your employees, provide email encryption, and email backup / archiving.


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Unmanaged Web traffic results in compliance issues, and a dangerous environment for schools and businesses.  We help you select the right product that will enhance your security, provide SSL filtering, alerting, cloud-friendly, chrome friendly, iPad friendly, and mobile device friendly environment.  Securing how applications are accessed in the cloud with 3rd party multi-factor single sign-on can help users access the applications they need while keeping cybercriminals out.


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