Track Student Engagement

Student Level tracking and trends

BorderLAN can supply data analytics Tools to Education leadership and teachers on each student no matter where they use their devices. Educators can now see behind the scenes and see who is engaging, what apps are being used and for how long.  For remote students it becomes a critical function of teachers to know who is engaged, and who needs help.


With education transcending the traditional classroom, staying on top of students’ and educators’ evolving use of EdTech is an ongoing challenge. Consider the experience of the average district served:

Only 6% of apps in use have been approved

The number of unknown apps in use is 15x higher

Without better visibility into their communities’ real-time technology use, districts cannot be sure that they are maintaining data security, efficiently allocating resources or keeping students engaged with essential resources on and off-campus.


Answer these questions to see how well your district is managing EdTech:


  1. How are you monitoring student engagement?
  2. How are you tracking each student’s EdTech use on- and off-campus
  3. How are you using data to ensure your district’s remote learning strategy is successful?
  4. Are your students connected? Are they accessing their assigned curriculum?
  5. How are you measuring your ROI to determine your technology budget?


CatchOn engages the entire leadership team in data-driven dialogues to spur action that gets results. Here’s how our the transformative tool can help everyone in your district turn data into community-wide strategies.

Data-Driven Education In Action

Student-Level Data for Student-Focused Strategies

CatchOn tracks every student’s technology use, no matter where they use their devices, empowering education leaders to devise data-driven strategies customized to each student. CatchOn’s add-on student-level data module allows districts to identify patterns of engagement and learning.

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