Student Safety Solved! 

BorderLAN can help your District with solutions that engage teachers, protect students, and provide analytics to Districts.

Internet Filtering

1:1 protection anywhere

Monitor with Teacher Tools

Application Usage Data

Chrome Environment with GSuite

Distance Learning

IOS Environment

Windows / MAC

High Speed Https Filtering

Student Safety Features

Suicide and Self Harm safety

Scanning of email / docs / drives

Cyberbullying warnings

Parent portals

BorderLAN protects 3 Million Students and 1,200+ School Districts Nation-wide

Web Filtering Support for Every OS

Scalable to Any Size in Any Environment

All Cloud
Hybrid Cloud / On-Premise Appliances

Engage with Students Anywhere!

How BorderLAN Helps Districts

BorderLAN Consults with you on best of class filtering solutions that scale from small districts with mobile BYOD needs all the way up to carrier region centers and State-wide filtering projects.


Filtering Solutions BorderLAN represents provide distributed control for districts, schools, and teachers.  The powerful tools offered in some of the new Web Filtering solutions help granularity offers districts the tool to protect students and help them learn.


BorderLAN can consult with you to find the right solution, provide installation, and make sure the district is prepared and trained.

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