Look for a true Web Filter with Security

Choosing the correct Web Security or Filtering Appliance is a critical decision for businesses, schools and government organizations. A bad choice can leave open many vulnerabilities and not have the technology to scan and prevent advanced threats. Simple SSL Filtering has become challenging for most filters along with managing malicious malware that is custom designed to find exploit paths to the internet. Some web security devices  keep up with threats with advanced features and even persistent threat defense while others fall behind. BorderLAN helps our business customers, educators and government customers with assistance in choosing which is more secure and how to improving your web security experience with the right product. Our knowledge and involvement often provides a much more productive business networks, better-protected school, and always provides peace of mind for IT departments.

Do you allow mobile devices?

Schools and enterpise organizations encounter similar issues and risks by allowing iPads and other mobile devices in their networks. Problems of controlling content and connecting safely both onsite and offsite are the same for everyone and few product solutions can mitigate both mobile and on/off-site devices. The mobile device flexibility without the right web security appliance can wreak havvoc on traditional web filters performance and quality making the end user authenticate more than they should or simply not function. BorderLAN has helped thousands of IT administrators offer safer and faster Internet services by choosing the correct web security and mobile device MDM control platform that supports iPads, iOS, Netbooks, Macbooks, Androids and more. Our customers find that good web security with ease of us, superb visibility and persistent threat defense improves the network and saves on costly downtime. More about MDM.

Security should be the first part of your Web Security and Enterprise planning
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Managed web filtering
Appliance web filters are fully equip hardware servers that plug between your users and the Internet. These filters perform high-capacity traffic-content management, reporting and much more, especially on larger-scale service. Hardware appliances can handle up to 10 GIG Internet Connections. We can also supply hosted Internet Filtering for smaller organizations both in business and education.
Web filtering and Web security Software for small entities
Software loaded onto each computer, or have an agentless hosted cloud filtering service may be the right choice for smaller organizations, churches, homes and families. With a software or hosted Web Filter, you get the cost savings of a cloud solution with online policy management and reports.


Cyberbullying is a contemporary problem in schools, growing rapidly due to the abundance of online unprotected message boards and social media outlets. Cyberbullying can be defined as “using cellphone or Internet technologies to post information intended to hurt or embarrass another.” According to 2012 statistics, more than 50% of children have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and the trend is expected to continue. In the businesses world, detrimental discussion about companies on social media can create difficult work environments. With the rise of so much technology and so many social sites it’s no wonder that cyberbullying is an issue that not just any Web filter can mitigate. BorderLAN can fight cyberbullies by implementing proper technology devices designed to filter and monitor posts, and filter or push social media to a protected monitored location. A complete solution will involve blocking known cyberbully sites, filtering or blocking certain keywords, and reporting real-time suspicious behavior and logs or reports of detailed activities for mitigation. Recognize and prevent cyberbullying

CIPA: It’s the law

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law passed by Congress in 2000 to help ensure the safety of children accessing the Internet over school and library computers. The act requires schools and libraries to use filtering to block dangerous or offensive material from minor users. To meet the mandates of this law, you should choose a filtering solution specifically designed for users in schools and CIPA.

CIPA Compliance →

Increase employee productivity

In a workplace with Internet access, employee productivity is going to be an issue. Recent data suggests poll 61% of employees admit to being online for non-work related issues — shopping, reading news, banking, gambling, downloading inappropriate materials, even applying for new jobs. How much productivity is lost per person per day? One hour? Two? More? BorderLAN can provide devices to filter access to Facebook, Twitter etc. … and help keep your employees doing what you’re actually paying them to do – work!

Key Features Offered

  • Comprehensive and accurate URL database
  • More than 1 billion entries categorized
  • education-specific categories offered.
  • Daily database updates; immediate updates for urgent categorizations.
  • Different policies based on user, IP, group, organizational unit, and domain.
  • Mobile filtering to extend policies and protection to off-network users.
  • Teacher control over specific assignments, posts, and apps.
  • Customizable policy violation pages.
  • Multiple layers of anonymous proxy detection.
  • Web traffic prioritization and limiting capabilities.
  • Peer-to-peer application and file-type blocking.
  • Integration with Student Information Systems.
  • Safe Search Enforcement.
  • Up to 10Gb speed, without loss of performance.
  • Resource Library for unfiltered access to YouTube videos, web sites, wikis and blogs, documents, and more that are approved.


“we could not have done it without BorderLAN’s support. Thank you for all that you have done for Socorro, and for what you will continue to do.”

Vernon Smith, Technology Director, Socorro Consolidated

“Truly, I cant tell you how much it means to me to know that BorderLAN is watching out for my needs. Their caring and knowledgeable manner in handling my account and questions is VERY reassuring.”

Jerry Gidean, Network Administrator, Fredericksburg Christian